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5 Reasons a Mall Franchise Does So Well

For a pretzel franchisee, a kiosk at the mall is a great location. Pretzels are a perfect grab-and-go snack for busy shoppers that don’t want to stop and eat a full meal. Pretzels are filling, tasty, and can be eaten while walking without a big mess. Pretzels can even be served to children on the go without a fuss! Here are some of the main reasons why pretzel franchises do so well in a mall setting.

Increased Foot Traffic for a Mall Franchise

For most QSRs (quick serve restaurants,) foot traffic forms a major basis for bringing in business. What better place to find copious amounts of foot traffic than at a shopping mall? Hundreds of shoppers each day pass through the mall, bringing them right past the franchise location. Franchise owners can also benefit from traffic increases whenever the other stores in the mall hold deals, blowouts, or events.

The Right Audience

Not only is there major traffic passing by a pretzel franchise location in the mall, the traffic that is passing by is the right traffic. Teenagers and kids with their parents are the main mall-goers, in other words people who are hungry and do not want to wait a long time to eat. Pretzels are the perfect fulfillment of that need, as they are filling, satisfying, and will not cause a sugar high.

Shopper’s High

Franchising in a shopping mall can have its advantages, especially when people are experiencing a “shopping high.” Studies show that being at a mall and shopping around increases dopamine levels, which leads customers to treat themselves and feel good about it. Pretzel franchises in a mall can enjoy the fringe benefit that comes from “retail therapy.” Mall customers may also be more likely to purchase pretzels than other food items because they are inexpensive and will not cause feelings of “buyer’s guilt” afterwards.

Highly Visible Products

Not only is the franchise location highly visible to customers at a mall, the products themselves are highly visible. There is no better way to market a pretzel to a potential customer than to put a freshly baked, fragrant pretzel right in front of that person. A mall location allows a franchise to market in this way over and over again to hundreds of potential customers every single day.

Community Loyalty

Malls are a community in and of themselves, so many of the surrounding store employees will patronize restaurant locations within the mall in order to support the community. The proximity of a pretzel location in a mall and the speed with which customers receive their food also make it highly convenient for employees of surrounding stores to frequent a pretzel location on their lunch break. Visit our website for more information.