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The Mall Not Your Scene? 5 Places You Can Open Instead

When seeking information on how to open a pretzel franchise, one of the most important tips is to find a good location. Now, when it comes to pretzel franchises, a common place you’ll find them is in the mall. There’s a reason for this—the mall provides heavy traffic, which means that there are many potential customers walking by at any given time.

However, not everybody wants to work in a mall. It’s important that you enjoy the environment you work in or else you may start to lose motivation when it comes to your pretzel franchise. The following are five locations that can be just as effective for your pretzel franchise:

How to Open a Pretzel Franchise: 5 Places to Consider

1. The Airport

The airport is just as good of a location to open a pretzel franchise as a mall. First of all, there’s a ton of foot traffic in airports at pretty much all hours of the day. This means that hundreds if not thousands of people will walk by your location.

Additionally, many people are in a hurry, whether they’re about to board their plane or leaving the airport. If they’re hungry, they will want to grab a quick bite to eat—something that they don’t have to sit down for. A pretzel allows exactly that.

2. A Sports Arena

Selling pretzels at a sports game is practically a sure thing. People want something to snack on while they watch their sports team play, and pretzels are perfect because they are inexpensive and not messy. This makes them a great option for parents who have brought their kids and don’t want to spend time during the game cleaning food off their kids’ shirts. Not to mention that when it comes to foods that perfectly compliment a tall cup of ice cold beer, few snacks can compete with the pretzel!

3. A College Campus

Many students don’t have time to grab lunch between classes but need something to satisfy their hunger so that they can focus in class. Pretzels are a great solution since students can grab one even if they don’t have much time to spare as they walk from one class to another. Pretzels are also an affordable snack, which suits many students who are on a budget.

4. Near a Park

Setting up shop on the outskirts of a public park should give your pretzel franchise plenty of exposure to people walking to or from the park. Pretzels are an easy food item to eat while walking as well, making them perfect for anyone who needs a snack while they go on a stroll or who wants to have a little picnic in the park.

5. Near Other Shops

The mall isn’t the only place where people shop. You could open up a pretzel shop in a downtown area, where the local residents spend a lot of time shopping, going to movies, or simply walking around and hanging out. If there are a lot of other stores around, then your pretzel franchise should do well since you’ll have plenty of exposure to potential customers who are walking by.

These are five locations that are well suited for a pretzel franchise if you prefer not to open one in a mall. To learn about how to open a pretzel franchise in other non-traditional locations, contact us at Pretzelmaker today.