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Business-Travelling Millennials Are Choosing QSR

QSR restaurants like the Pretzelmaker franchise have been around for decades. They’ve always been popular among customers who are looking for a quick bite, but a new trend is emerging among business travelers opting for quick-service restaurant (QSR) meals more and more. Read on to learn why these customers, and millennials in particular, love restaurants like Pretzelmaker while they’re on the road. 

A Taste of Home

While business travelers have historically enjoyed spending their per diem on upscale meals in exclusive restaurants, Entrepreneur has observed that this demographic now opts for QSR meals a good deal of the time. Why? There are a few reasons. First, QSR restaurants are reliable. Enjoying a Pretzelmaker meal in Chicago won’t taste much different than the same meal in San Francisco. For professionals on the road, this consistency is often greatly appreciated while in an unfamiliar place. Furthermore, QSR meals are often inexpensive. This is a bonus for travelers who need to be reimbursed for their meals and don’t want to shell out an exorbitant price for a restaurant meal. 

Favorites Among Millennials

As the workforce continues to be dominated by millennials, these trends among business travelers should be especially exciting to QSR owners. Why? Because millennials love QSRs like Pretzelmaker! QSR Magazine reports that millennials love the convenience we have to offer, and they’re especially attracted to handheld options (like Pretzels) that are easy for them to enjoy on-the-go. Furthermore, it’s estimated that millennials are already outspending older generations by 4% at restaurants. As you can see, Pretzelmaker franchise owners are able to capitalize on trends among business travelers and millennials simultaneously.

The Pretzelmaker Franchise Costs

If you’re looking for a way to take advantage of these key industry trends, investing in a QSR such as a Pretzelmaker franchise is a great way to go about it. As a large, nationwide franchisor, we’re able to keep our franchise fee competitive, and our franchisees enjoy a good deal of support when they make the investment. The total Pretzelmaker franchise costs will depend on a number of factors, like the size of your location and where you choose to open your doors. That being said, we’ve developed a comprehensive investment breakdown that’s available in our franchise disclosure document (FDD). We’ve accounted for just about everything our franchisees will need to invest in when they open their new business, from real estate costs to uniforms. This level of detail helps reduce the likelihood of unexpected costs. Best of all, we work with them every step of the way to help them get their businesses started off strong.

Starting any new business requires a significant initial investment and opening a Pretzelmaker franchise is no different. However, our well-established brand name, experience in the industry, and wealth of franchisee support resources give our franchisees more “bang for their buck” than the typical independent owner will enjoy.

Want to learn more about the Pretzelmaker franchise costs? Contact us today.