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Pretzelmaker franchise

Traditional Isn’t Always Best! 4 Non-Traditional Places to Open Your Franchise

At Pretzelmaker, we believe that non-traditional locations suit our brand just as well as our non-traditional menu. Opening a Pretzelmaker franchise is more exciting than ever when you consider all of the non-traditional locations that would be great places to start your business. While our brand is well-known for our locations in shopping malls, any location with lots of foot traffic could make a great spot to open a Pretzelmaker franchise. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Locations to Open Your Pretzelmaker Franchise

#1. Airports

Airports make great locations for a Pretzelmaker franchise. Thousands of travels make their way through airports every day, tired from early morning commutes, long security lines, and layovers. Pretzelmaker is a great option for these hungry travelers because our menu is simple, they can get their food quickly without needing to wait in long lines. Easy to eat, they can enjoy their pretzel as they walk to their next destination. Our flexible location requirements help our franchisees to set up shop in any part of the airport they choose.

#2. College Campuses

Like hungry travelers, college students also stand to benefit from our quickly-prepared menu. Our pretzels are easily enjoyed between classes, and our new Fresh Twist menu features exciting items that are sure to appeal to college students at any time of day. College campuses enjoy plenty of foot traffic from students, professors, and other staff who are all great potential customers.

#3. Military Bases

Military bases are not only home to active-duty soldiers and their families, they’re also home to contractors and other military employees. While soldiers spend a good deal of their time participating in drills along with their other day-to-day responsibilities, they and their colleagues also have free time. Pretzelmaker’s menu is a great option for these professionals who may not have the time to take a long lunch break.

#4. Family Entertainment Centers

Bowling alleys, arcades, and water parks are just a few of the family entertainment centers that would make for great Pretzelmaker franchise locations. Kids and adults alike love soft pretzels, and with our array of choices, there’s something on our menu for everyone. Busy parents love the convenience with which they can order and eat at Pretzelmaker, making us a family favorite. Not to mention that our festive offerings fit right in with the fun atmosphere at these locations!

These are just a few ideas of potential non-traditional locations that would make for great Pretzelmaker franchise locations. Reach out to us today to learn more about non-traditional franchise opportunities in your area!