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how to own your own pretzel maker

Once Upon a Pretzelmaker

There once was a man who loved soft pretzels. He worked a steady 9-5 job in a cramped office and daydreamed about the chewy, delicious, salty treats. Every day after work he drove to the mall and picked up a Pretzelmaker pretzel, a cheese dipping sauce, and an ice cold cup of lemonade, to reward himself for a job well done.

One day, while picking up his usual order, the man saw a flyer posted on the wall.

“How to Own Your Own Pretzelmaker Franchise!”

it said in big bold letters. His heart skipped a beat. Could it be? Could he truly become the owner of such an establishment? He ripped the flyer from its resting place and darted home.

Take a look at our free online brochure to get started” it said at the bottom. He quickly opened his laptop and did all the research he could get his hands on. He found a plethora of information at his fingertips, all on Pretzelmaker’s franchise website! A listing of available territories, three free e-books explaining what it takes to be a franchiser…he was so excited he could barely contain himself.

He discovered that it would be a long, difficult journey, and that he would have to work hard, but the results would be worth it. He could now be his own boss and take control of his future! No more cramped office cubicle. No more endless days cooped up inside. He decided to contact the franchise development manager to learn even more.

The next day the man walked into his office with a smile on his face and a cardboard box in hand. Today would be his last day of taking orders, unless they were for a delicious pretzel.

If you want to live your dream and be like the man in this story, visit our website, or call us today to learn how to own your own Pretzelmaker! We can’t wait to work with you! 877.639.2361