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holiday rush

Preparing for the Holiday RUSH!

Although pretzels are not generally thought of as a holiday staple, Pretzelmaker franchise locations often become busier as the holidays roll around. Malls and plazas where Pretzelmaker franchises are located often receive an influx of business as customers participate in holiday shopping routines. The amount of foot traffic past the store increases, so customers naturally stop for a fast snack that can be eaten while on the go. To ensure you’re ready for the holiday rush, certain steps should be taken by franchisees.

Proper Staffing for Rush Times

Nights and weekends are usually the busiest times during the holiday season, so Pretzelmaker franchisees should be sure to staff accordingly. Existing employees should be consulted about receiving more hours through the holidays and temporary employees should be hired if needed. It is important for franchisees to be forthright with all employees about the temporary nature of positions or increases in hours so that employees can prepare accordingly. Being dishonest or elusive about these matters may leave employees disgruntled, which can be harmful to the business. Employees that feel happy and included will be more likely to work better and possibly come back to fill in temporarily for the holidays in later years.

Stocking Ingredients

It can be a nightmare to run out of ingredients in the middle of a rush or when large orders need to be filled. Conversely, it can also be a nightmare to throw away tons of expired products or have a hard time getting to ingredients because excessive stock is causing storage obstacles. It is a delicate balance that must be reached to ensure that just the right amount of ingredients are in stock. New franchisees may consult with franchise representatives or team up with neighboring Pretzelmaker locations for help with ordering estimates. All order documents should be saved, along with information about changes that would have created more ideal situations so that subsequent years are easier to plan for.

Gear Advertising for the Holiday Rush

Pretzels are not often thought of as a holiday snack, but most partygoers would enjoy a Pretzel bite or mini pretzel dog. Franchisees can display pictures of holiday platters of these items to entice customers to order for large parties. Franchisees can also advise employees to offer these items to customers that visit the location. Some customers may place orders for future pick-ups or may simply remember the idea for holiday celebrations or future gatherings. When customers do place large orders, gathering contact information will allow franchisees to contact these customers in future years and invite them back, possibly with discounts for loyalty.

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