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Why Pretzels Are Perfect for a Mall Kiosk Franchise

There is something about the tantalizing scents of a pretzel kiosk that reel mall-goers into grabbing a quick bite. Before you know it, you’re at the front of the line ordering a salty treat and a refreshing beverage to accompany you on your shopping spree. Pretzelmaker understands that a mall kiosk franchise can bring in tremendous revenue due to this type of busy environment. With a wide variety of non-traditional locations available, see why Pretzelmaker believes that a mall kiosk franchise could be the best opportunity for you.

Steady Foot Traffic

It’s hard to predict the amount of average foot traffic shopping malls experience due to the differentiating sizes and locations. When specifically looking for statistics that show evidence of a mall kiosk franchises potential success, the mall kiosk industry accumulated a total revenue of $12 billion in 2018. While it could depend entirely on the success of the mall you choose to locate your pretzel kiosk, this type of environment is conducive to consistent foot traffic throughout the day. Although a stand-alone location may not consistently have customers going in and out, a mall kiosk is constantly surrounded by potential customers

Product Fits Any Size

Finding a perfect match for the location of a product can be difficult. The requirement to open up a Pretzelmaker site ranges from 200-850 square feet, which is dependent on what model is appropriate for the environment, and the franchisee’s investment volume. Franchisees also have the option to choose our Fresh Twist concept, which adds breakfast and late-night menu options. This type of model also requires a similar amount of space, making it suitable for our range of venues.

Grab and Go

When you walk into a food court there are countless options that require you to sit down and take a break from your shopping experience. A mall kiosk franchise allows consumers to enjoy their food at their own pace, whether they prefer to sit down or take the pretzel on-the-go while they shop. The flexibility of a pretzel kiosk goes past what a food court sit down environment provides. You allow customers the luxury of walking up to the register, placing their order, and having their food ready to take with them wherever they’d like to go. When it comes to food, customers on the move are looking for the most convenient and tasty option possible. Our Pretzelmaker mall kiosk franchise locations have made the ‘mall pretzel’ an irresistible aspect of the shopping experience.

Does opening a mall pretzel kiosk seem like something that could fit in your local shopping center? Contact us today, and we can go over if a Pretzelmaker mall kiosk franchise could be fit for you.