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How Pretzelmaker Stands Out Among QSR Food Franchise Opportunities

There’s a wealth of QSR (quick-service restaurant) food franchise opportunities to choose from in today’s restaurant landscape. Choosing the right one to invest in can be daunting when they all offer such different opportunities. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a few facts about Pretzelmaker that illustrate our competitive advantage. 

Our Brand Stands the Test of Time

We’ve been franchising since 1992 and currently have hundreds of locations open across the U.S. and internationally. There are a few reasons that we’ve managed to grow our business over nearly 30 years. For one thing, we offer a great product. Soft pretzels are a popular snack, and we bake ours fresh in every location. We’ve found that the smell of fresh-baked pretzels wafting through the air is a great attraction. 

Another reason we’ve stayed in business so long is that we’re always finding new ways to innovate our menu, offering customers something new in addition to their old favorites. For instance, our Fresh Twist locations offer a full menu of pretzel-inspired items for every meal of the day.

Finally, we’re consistent. For decades, customers have known that they can expect quality and convenience when they stop by any of our locations. We mastered the art of the soft pretzel when we first opened up shop, and customers love knowing that they can count on us to satisfy their craving. 

A Versatile Franchise Concept Among Food Franchise Opportunities

Pretzelmaker further stands out from other food franchise opportunities because it’s easy to open a location that suits the needs of any market. We don’t need much space to open a new location, and Pretzelmaker easily fits in in food courts, standalone stores, co-branded locations, even kiosks. Furthermore, we work with franchisees who want to set up shop in places that are only open seasonally, such as amusement parks or concert venues. If there’s a spot in your community with lots of foot traffic, there’s a good chance we can set up a Pretzelmaker franchise to capitalize on it. 

Furthermore, our parent company FAT Brands also offers a number of other food franchise opportunities, like Hot Dog on a Stick. We encourage our franchisees to think about opening up franchises with these other brands, or even to open a cobranded location. Hot Dog on a Stick and Pretzelmaker are both highly-regarded brands in their own right, and opening a cobranded location is a great way to increase traffic.

FAT Brands Supports Our Franchisees

One of the benefits of franchising with a FAT Brands brand is that you’ll enjoy world-class support. Not only will we work with you through the process of learning our business model and setting up your location, we’ll help you set growth goals and work through the steps towards achieving those goals.

Ready to learn more about the reasons Pretzelmaker stands out from other food franchise opportunities? Contact us today!