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Realize Your Bakery Dream and Open a Pretzel Shop

For some people, working in the corporate world is never enough. No matter what they do, having a traditional job does not satisfy their desire to build something bigger. For many of these people, owning a business is the only option. If your dream is to own a bakery, taking charge as a business owner, then start thinking about opening a pretzel shop.

Franchising Vs. Entrepreneurship

Before you get started on your business plan, take a moment to consider whether you should own a pretzel franchise or start your own business. Even though they are fundamentally similar, franchising and entrepreneurship are different in a number of ways.

First, entrepreneurship means that you start your own business from the ground up. That means picking a name, creating a product, writing a business plan, and so on. Entrepreneurs work hard to bring their visions to life with their loved ones’ support, but with few connections with industry experts.

Franchising, on the other hand, is a way to own a business and get support from a network of experts. Investing in a franchise allows you to make your mark as a business owner, without the struggle of starting from scratch.

Benefits of Franchising with a Pretzel Shop

Investing in a franchise can help you realize your bakery dream much faster than entrepreneurship. Franchising comes with a variety of benefits that make owning your business simpler. The major benefits of franchising are:

  1. Support from the franchisor
  2. Training in the industry
  3. A recognizable brand


The support that you get as a franchise owner is enough to make the decision between franchising and entrepreneurship obvious. A pretzel franchise worth investing in supports its franchise owners from the beginning with a strong network. The franchise network is an amazing source of support as you open and operate your business. The combination of corporate personnel and other franchise owners creates a built-in network of people experienced in your business. You can learn from their expertise to make your pretzel shop better.


As a franchisee, you will get thorough training before you can open your pretzel franchise. This training is a huge advantage of franchising over entrepreneurship. Pretzelmaker franchisees learn about our brand and the industry through in-class training and on-site training. Comprehensive training helps you learn general business skills, as well as the specific tools that help you run your franchise.

Known Brand

When you start your business from scratch, you have to spend time building your brand and getting your name out. On the other hand, franchise brands are already established. In many cases, consumers already know the franchise’s name before you open.

Even better, a franchise already has a reputation for excellence. Your customers will know what to expect when they walk through your doors, so they already know how delicious your baked goods are. Especially when you choose Pretzelmaker, your customers will recognize the brand for fresh pretzels made with high-quality ingredients.

If you are a smart and driven thinker, owning a business is one of the most fulfilling careers you can choose. Franchising gives you the opportunity to own your business without all the work of starting from scratch. Learn more about finding the right franchise for your goals by downloading our ebooks.