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Receive All the Soft Pretzel Franchise Support and Training You Need to Operate Your Business

Opening a Pretzelmaker franchise is great decision not only because you would be providing delicious soft, warm pretzels to your community but also because you would have the entire soft pretzel franchise support team at FAT Brands helping you. 

Pretzelmaker and FAT Brands do everything they can to make the franchising process as easy and straightforward for you as possible. Our amazing franchising team will be there for you from the time you submit your application to the day you open your doors and beyond.

What Soft Pretzel Franchise Support Is Provided?

Once you begin the investment process, you will gain access to a slew of resources to help you along the way. Everything Pretzelmaker, and FAT Brands, does is quality. When it comes to soft pretzel franchise support, you will have the backing of FAT Brands in all facets of the franchising process. Before your franchise even opens, you will be invited to the FAT Brands headquarters in Georgia to meet the team in person. The soft pretzel franchise support team will assist you in finding and secure your location as well as assist in the construction process of your store, and the team will assist you in the advertising process for your franchise.

From there, you and your franchise team will receive training and orientation to make your Pretzelmaker store run smoothly. That includes training you so you have the knowledge to train your team. The Pretzelmaker team will check in periodically to make sure things are humming along and running well. They are always available to answer questions and want to help with any issues you may encounter along the way.

The soft pretzel franchise support team will also work to help foster relationships between you and your fellow franchisees as well as checking in to make sure things are flowing as they should be.

Giving Location Assistance

Figuring out the best place for your Pretzelmaker franchise can be difficult. There are so many different locations to put your franchise, and the soft pretzel franchise support team will help you make sense of it all. Whether or not you should place your franchise in a mall or on the main thoroughfare through town, you will get the support and aid you need to help place your franchise in a great spot that will hopefully bring you, and your team, success.

Remember: there are seemingly endless amounts of available territories for you to set up your Pretzelmaker franchise. This also includes international locations.  

To learn more about the help and support you will receive during the franchising process, or to have any of your other questions answered, contact us today for more information.