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The 2 Q’s that Make Up a Good Food Franchise: Quick and Quality

Pretzelmaker is an exciting franchise because of the “Two Qs”: Quick and Quality. Customers love that they’re always able to grab a delicious and affordable snack at our pretzel franchises without much of a wait. Read on to see how it is that we’re able to achieve the Two Qs consistently at all of our locations, and how we help our franchisees to thrive through exceptional brand support. 

How Do Our Pretzel Franchises Achieve the Two Qs?

We’ve been in business for decades, and as a quick-service franchise, we’ve made it our business to develop the most efficient procedures around. We keep things moving quickly by ensuring that not a second is wasted in any of our locations: Pretzelmaker employees are always working on a task that’s designed to keep freshly-baked soft pretzels moving into the hands of customers. As for quality, our years in business have also taught us a thing or two about how to make the best soft pretzels around. The quality of our ingredients along with proprietary recipes allowed us to perfect this popular snack and build a strong reputation as a great place to eat. Along these lines, we’re always innovating our menu, adding and adjusting menu items to delight customers new and old. 

How Do We Support Pretzelmaker Franchisees?

We help our pretzel franchise owners to achieve the Two Qs by providing them with comprehensive training and on-going support. There, they learn the inside secrets to producing our time-tested pretzels, along with our newer innovations when it’s applicable (think Fresh Twist!). We even work with them right in their own location around the time of their grand opening to ensure that their Pretzelmaker franchise is running smoothly and properly implementing our policies and procedures. Of course, we’re always conducting research and development as well, looking for new ways to simplify our business model and exciting new products to keep things fresh. 

Plenty of Room for Growth

Another reason that Pretzelmaker is one of the most popular franchises for a quick bite is that we give our franchisees the flexibility to achieve scalable growth that’s right for the unique needs of their territory. Whether that means cobranding with another Global Franchise Group (GFG) brand like  or opening multiple locations around town, we help our franchisees set realistic goals for growth and work with them to take the right steps. When you invest in one of our pretzel franchises, you’ll find that you’ve invested in a true partnership that ensures you don’t need to go it alone. 

Ready to learn more about how our pretzel franchise owners leverage the Two Qs to grow their businesses? Contact us today!