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Fright Bites pretzelmaker

Sink Your Teeth Into the Fright Bites Combo

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes a unique opportunity for Pretzelmaker franchisees: the return of the Fright Bites combo. The Fright bites combo was extremely fun last year, so franchisees can expect to see a more engaged audience during this promotion! Franchisees can gain additional traction by gearing marketing efforts towards selling the promotion and participating in seasonal festivities that attract customers to the store.

Fright Bites Combo Details

The Fright Bites combo includes large Pretzel Bites, a large beverage, and two sauces. The promotion will run through the month of October, beginning on Wednesday, October 1st and running through Sunday, November 2nd. Individual store marketing materials and tools will be provided to help each franchisee prepare for the Fright Bites combo offering.

Fright for a Bite Promotion

To drum up the enthusiasm for Fright Bites, Pretzelmaker is offering customers an incentive to earn a dollar off of a Fright Bites combo. To earn the coupon, customers must “scare” Pretzelmaker team members. Customers can “scare” team members by coming to the store in costume, telling a scary story in person, or using Snapchat. Snapchat is widely used among the teen and young adult population that makes up a majority of Pretzelmakers customer base, so using this platform for the promotion is a good way to connect to this target customer base.

Let the Scares Begin!

Franchisees can bring the Fright for a Bite promotion to a whole new level by encouraging regular customers, teammates, and even family members to join in the “scare-sation.” Seeing customers in costume and hearing Halloween tales told will be sure to draw a crowd. Finding out that there’s a cost savings will make even more customers want to join in the fun! Franchisees may be able to further encourage the fun and excitement by collaborating with neighboring businesses so that costumed customers get the VIP treatment.

Dress Up the Store

Dressing up the store for Halloween is a fun and easy way to capitalize on the season. Staying hip to seasonal fun is one way to create the enjoyable corporate culture that Pretzelmaker takes pride in maintaining throughout its franchise stores. The décor will also help to reinforce the Fright Bites promotion while making the store visually stand out to potential customers that are passing by.

Cute Halloween

When dressing up the store for Halloween franchisees should be careful to lean towards cute and crafty decorations. Halloween decorations that are scary or gory may deter certain customers. While team members should be encouraged to participate in dressing up the store, franchisees may wish to approve decorations before allowing placement.

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