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pretzel franchise checklist

How to Start Your Own Pretzel Franchise

Starting a pretzel franchise is made much simpler when working with Pretzelmaker. Pretzelmaker works with potential franchisees through every step of the process to answer questions and provide coaching. Pretzelmaker also provides continuous support in the form of franchise meetings, ongoing training programs, and marketing assistance. Before beginning the franchising process, though, individuals that are thinking about franchising a Pretzelmaker location should perform preliminary research.

start a pretzel franchise

Evaluate Company Culture

Pretzelmaker takes pride in being hip and now. This includes engaging customers through emerging technology and staying on top of food trends to stay competitive with other companies in the industry. Pretzelmaker also operates under a culture of social awareness, taking part in community initiatives and funding worthwhile causes. Potential franchisees should make sure that this type of company culture fits with personal preferences and goals. Researching deeper into the company’s incentive programs in the local area may provide additional insight for potential franchisees.

Shadow Store Operations

Visiting several store locations is a vital part of the franchisee research process. No amount of research done online or over the phone will allow franchisees to understand the feel and look of daily operations the way that actually visiting locations will. Every location varies slightly because of the different personalities present at the store and the intricacies of the location, so visiting more than one will help potential franchisees to differentiate store standards from location-specific characteristics.

Begin Formal Pretzel Franchise Process

Once a potential franchisee has decided to begin the process of franchising, it is time to fill out the pre-qualification application. Upon approval of this application potential franchisees will be furnished with the Franchise Disclosure Document. This document outlines estimated net sales, labor costs, the cost of goods, and other estimated operational costs. Potential franchisees must fill out an Acknowledgement of Receipt of this document.

Provide Necessary Documentation

Potential franchisees are required to provide certain documents to verify income and background. This includes at least two years of tax documents and liquidity verification showing at least $100,000. A background check will also have to be performed on potential franchisees, as well as spouses or business partners. If a company is purchasing the franchise, Articles of Incorporation or a Membership Agreement must be provided.

Meet with Development Manager

A Development Manager will be available for franchise candidates that complete the process to this point. One-on-one or virtual meetings are offered, depending on the location of the potential franchisee. The Development Manager will answer questions and provide support throughout the rest of the franchising process.

Travel to Headquarters

Franchisee candidates must travel to Georgia to meet our team before formally purchasing a franchise. We look forward to introducing you to our team internally as well as introducing them to you. Bring your questions!

Begin Franchise Operation

The Pretzelmaker Real Estate team will help franchisees select a location and set the location up for business, if necessary. Pretzelmaker will provide support for establishing vendors and other crucial business components. When the store construction and set up is completed, Pretzelmaker will help with training and hiring. Throughout the lifetime of the store, Pretzelmaker will provide marketing support and any additional support requested by the franchisee.

Want more info on becoming a pretzel franchisee? Call us at 877-639-2361