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pretzel franchise opportunity

Get the Twist: Start the Quarter Out Right with a Pretzelmaker® Franchise

Whether you’re opening a franchise for the first time, or want to diversify your businesses, your choice of your product could determine whether it’s a hit or a failure.

While demand for other products or services could drop during an economic downturn, the food and drink industry usually stays strong time and time again. One big seller that new franchise owners are often interested in is pretzels, and it’s no secret why.

You see them at the mall, in theme parks, in movie theaters, and other high-traffic areas. The popularity and familiarity of pretzels among consumers is what could help generate a stable source of income for your business. See why this delicious snack allows you to start your quarter out right if you’re opening a pretzel franchise.

Overview of the Pretzel Market in the U.S.

So just how popular are pretzels? If the facts are to be believed, the market is huge for a pretzel franchise among people hungry for these snacks. The pretzel originated in Pennsylvania, and has spread across the country as an iconic food that is hard to pass up.

Pretzel Consumption

According to How Stuff Works, the average U.S. resident eats two pounds of pretzels per year. With the U.S. Census Bureau estimating there were more than 321 million people in the U.S. in 2015, the amount of pretzels consumed equal 642 million pounds. Now that’s a lot of pretzels!

Pretzel Sales Per Year

You’re probably asking yourself, how much money do pretzels make annually? This is a crucial question to ask as a new pretzel franchise owner, as it could impact your budget for your store, staff, supplies, ingredients, and other costs. Over $550 million in pretzels are sold in the U.S. each year, How Stuff Works notes.

Building Your Pretzel Franchise

With the facts stated above, it’s hard not to get excited about opening a pretzel franchise, especially one like Pretzelmaker, which gives you a chance to be your own boss and gives you control of your business.

Here are steps to help you start off on the right foot with your pretzel franchise:

Choose the Right Brand

When you’re starting a business, be sure to select a brand you can stand behind and has the power of recognition. This will make it easier for you to market your product amidst the competition.

Select a Location

The location of your pretzel franchise is crucial to how well it does. Make sure to select a location that not only has plenty of foot or road traffic, but also has the potential to grow and increase your customer base in the future.

Learn How to Make Pretzels and Teach Your Staff

Whether you’re a master chef in the kitchen or don’t know the difference between cooking tools, you can still learn how to make pretzels correctly. One of the best reasons to invest in a pretzel franchise is the great training you’ll receive in making pretzels.

We train you in the art of pretzel-making before you open your own store, so then you can teach your staff the basics to get your business up and running.

Get Help from a Consultant

If you’re wondering about the risks involved in opening a pretzel franchise, you might be relieved to know that you can contact a consultant to ask about the steps necessary to grow your business or help you learn from mistakes you may have made.

Contact us to get more information on taking advantage of this franchising opportunity by opening a franchise with Pretzelmaker and see how you can own your business.