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soft pretzel franchise questions

The #1 Question Everyone in Franchising Should Know How to Answer

As you prepare to enter into the world of owning and operating a soft pretzel franchise like Pretzelmaker, you might be wondering what the number one question everyone in franchising should know how to answer. That question would be, “How to make the business work.”

Start with thinking about what is the best pretzel franchise to invest in? Have you considered Pretzelmaker? This entity has been in the fresh-baked pretzel making business since 1991. Back then, it was called Pretzel Time, but in 2010, Pretzel Time merged with Pretzelmaker, making it the second largest soft pretzel concept in the country.

With over 300 locations worldwide, Pretzelmaker has proven its business model time and time again. Customers love the delicious treats and franchise owners can reap the benefits of that. So, how can you make your Pretzelmaker business work?

Start with the Soft Pretzel Franchise Training

Global Franchise Group is the parent company behind Pretzelmaker. They are also the team that sets up franchises for Great American Cookies, Hot Dog on a Stick, and Mable Slab Creamery. You won’t just be given the keys to a soft pretzel franchise and wished, “Good luck!” Instead, you’ll be put through a very thorough training program.

That training happens at the GFG University in Atlanta, Georgia. The instruction starts with back office training that will provide you with all the resources you need to understand how to run your soft pretzel franchise. That includes tips on managing the books, hiring staff, and ordering procedures.

Real World Experience

Of course, the training at GFG University isn’t just about book knowledge. You’ll also be taken out of the classroom and into a fully operational soft pretzel franchise. This kind of hands-on training will prove to be invaluable as you get your business up and running.

Setup Support

Once the training phase is over, you’ll want to travel back to your home and get started. Global Franchise Group is going to bring their years of franchise experience with you to assist in picking the best location for your store. They’re also going to offer guidance with lease negotiations.

When it comes time to build out your store, Global Franchise Group will have a list of qualified contractors at the ready for you to use if you’d wish or you can use your own. You’ll be helped with ordering your equipment purchases, too. In fact, buying power will continue all through your operation as you tap into the bulk purchasing afforded to all the Pretzelmaker franchises. Once you’ve signed your lease, you could have your doors open in as little as ninety days.

Once you get your Pretzelmaker store up and running, you still won’t be in it alone. You’ll be partnered with a field business consultant who will always be available to answer your questions. They’ll also be open to taking your suggestions about how to improve the business.

The Money Issue

Obviously, the issue of how much money you’ll make with a pretzel franchise might be the foremost part in your mind. To find out more about this exciting business opportunity and get a better estimate on how much your store can make with Pretzelmaker, contact us or visit our website today and find out the steps needed to open a franchise.