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pretzel making machine

The Pretzel Making Machine—Not a Genuine Hand-Rolling Alternative

You know how the taste of homemade bread is so much better than store-bought? The flavor and texture are better, making the experience of eating homemade bread better. The same is true of pretty much every food. Freshly made food just tastes better. While some pretzel franchises will use a pretzel making machine, it is no substitute for a fresh, hand-rolled pretzel.

What Does a Pretzel Making Machine Do?

Technology has made virtually anything possible, especially in the food industry. There is machinery on the market that mixes and kneads dough, measures it out, helps it rise, and then rolls, twists, and bakes it into pretzels. Often, the last stage is freezing, so the pretzel can be thawed and warmed up for the customer. Sometimes, the dough is frozen before it is twisted and rolled, then sent to stores to be thawed, formed into pretzels, and baked.

There can be no doubt that the technology available to make pretzels is convenient for the company. It is easier and faster for companies to use machinery to roll and twist pretzel dough. This frees up employees to do other tasks that need to be done.

But with the convenience comes a price. Pretzels that come from frozen dough do not have a fresh and light taste. Even worse, pretzels that are baked and then frozen simply cannot have the delicious taste of a freshly baked pretzel.

Keeping It Fresh: The Pretzelmaker Difference

At Pretzelmaker, we believe in giving each and every pretzel a personal touch. That’s why we don’t use the pretzel making machines that many other pretzel companies use. It is important to us that each pretzel taste fresh, fluffy, and delicious. In order to do that, we prepare our dough carefully to maximize freshness.

Our dough starts at our plant in Atlanta, where the dry ingredients are mixed together. Next, the mixture is shipped to each store. Once the dry mix has arrived, Pretzelmaker employees add yeast and water to start the dough.

By only preparing the flour in advance, we keep our dough as fresh as possible at every location. After the dough is fully mixed and allowed to rise, our employees roll, twist, and bake the pretzels. Customers can truly taste the difference between a frozen pretzel and a fresh one, so we keep it fresh.

Benefits of Our Soft Pretzels

When we opened more than 25 years ago, we knew we wanted to make delicious gourmet pretzels for customers to enjoy around the world. By keeping our dough fresh, innovating our products, and working with talented franchise owners, we have achieved that goal.

We are actively looking for smart, driven, and talented people to become Pretzelmaker franchisees. If you have what it takes to bring fresh, delicious pretzels to customers in your area, now is the time to get started. Learn more about our investing in a franchise by downloading our ebook!