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The QSR Franchise Industry Is Growing

Whether its burgers, pizza, subs, or pretzels, quick service restaurant (QSR) franchises have been adding convenience to all kinds of American favorites. With so many opportunities in this growing industry, it may seem difficult to find the right franchise concept for you. Pretzelmaker may be the perfect franchise for you. Not only do many people across the country love pretzels, but our concept and dedication to our franchisees make us stand out from other brands. Learn more about investing in a QSR franchise and how the industry is growing.

People Love Convenient Food for a Convenient Price

Pretzelmaker and other QSR franchises thrive at places like malls because people want a snack that they can easily walk with from store to store. In addition, other locations like airports and college campuses offer room for potential hungry customers. QSR franchises have thrived in recent years as more and more consumers search for fast, convenient food that they can take on-the-go for a lower price.

In addition, less equipment is required to make many of our products, so a franchisee can open their business in a food court, at a kiosk, near a concert, and several other places. These non-traditional locations have proven to extend our brand in the best possible way. By branching out from malls and other traditional spots that you think of having a pretzel franchise, we are able to tap into a market that may have been previously untouched.

What the QSR Franchise Industry Looks Like

In 2016, it was determined that the global QSR franchise industry was valued at $539 billion, and it is only expected to grow in the years to come. By 2022, it has been projected that the industry will be worth just under $700 billion. Now is a great time to invest in a QSR franchise because the market is projected to grow, and, by investing in a unique concept like Pretzelmaker, you can bring this salty snack to customers all over the globe.

Why a QSR Franchise May Be Right For You

With a QSR franchise like Pretzelmaker, we want you to know you’ve made a good investment. We strive to make sure every franchisee has what they need to get their franchise up and running, so we offer training, support, a business model, targeted territories, and more. These resources help franchisees determine where their highest chances for success are and how they can achieve it. For the initial investment, you could get all these resources, as well as our branding.

Contact us today to learn why a Pretzelmaker is the right QSR franchise for you.