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fast food franchise opportunity

The Salty, Twisty, Truth About Pretzelmaker Franchisees

Franchising might seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it can be easier than you think! With financing options available for your franchise, a large support base to guide you the entire way, and no experience necessary in order to become a franchisee, this is a great fast food franchise opportunity for you! Here are several facts about Pretzelmaker franchisees that shows just how great this opportunity really is:

They Didn’t Have a Lot of Fast Food Experience

As the saying goes, “There’s a first time for everything.” That holds true for riding a bike and investing in a fast food franchise opportunity. The vast majority of current Pretzelmaker franchisees never operated a food business before. In fact, they’ve never  ran a business. How is that possible? It’s easy when you have our support with the Global Franchise Group.

We are the franchisor who stands behind every Pretzelmaker outlet and the company who is going to put you through your own training course. You’ll travel to Atlanta and be enrolled in GFG University. Along with other potential owners from around the world, you’ll learn all the basics of your fast food franchise operation. Your course will cover bookkeeping, insurance, staffing, and purchase ordering.

When you’ve learned all you can in the classroom, you’ll head out to spend time at an up and running Pretzelmaker business. The best way to learn is to roll your own dough!

They’re Not Alone

As franchisee, you’ll be asking for a lot of support from your family. Those opening months could mean several late nights and long weekends as you work out the kinks of the business. You might even end up hiring some friends and family to help get your Pretzelmaker up and running. Although that’s all invaluable help, it’s not the only support you’ll be getting. We will assign you a field consultant who will act as your personal liaison between your business and the parent company.

This is the person who will inform you about new innovations and menu treats coming down the pike for your business. It’s also the person who you can share your own suggestions with on how to improve operations. This will be a very valuable partnership that will last for the duration of this fast food franchise opportunity.

They Love Their Franchise

Of course, the most rewarding part of operating a Pretzelmaker franchise is all the fun you’ll have. This isn’t a high-pressure type of business. You’ll be hiring an energized staff that will make every day a treat. Plus, there are all those happy customers enjoying those many pretzel flavored treats.

Should I Open a Fast Food Franchise Opportunity?

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I open a Pretzelmaker franchise?” then the next step is to contact us to get your questions answered about how to take the next steps to becoming your own boss. Owning a Pretzelmaker franchise is just one step away!