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franchise opportunities in the food business

Some Non-Traditional Options Ideal for a Soft Pretzel Franchise

The appeal of a soft pretzel is not limited to the conventional kiosk at a local shopping mall. There are plenty of busy location concepts that make sense for established franchise opportunities in the food business like Pretzelmaker. We have identified a few of those locations that might be a great match for a Pretzelmaker soft pretzel franchise and we want to bring you in on some non-traditional options that could be a good fit for your area. 

Universities and Campuses 

A part of the value that comes along with a Pretzelmaker franchise is a fast-paced style of service that we provide no matter the location. Therefore, the demographic we try to target has an on-the-move mentality and is just trying to find the quick snack they need to hold them over. For our team, one of the prime examples of someone with that mindset could be a student located at a university or even a smaller campus. Think about the chaos of a college student’s day — there is barely any time to get a bite in. With a Pretzelmaker soft pretzel franchise location placed in a high-traffic area of their campus, students won’t have to rush into the dining hall and waste a lunch swipe just for a quick sandwich before their 12:30 seminar. They could just go and grab a Pretzel Dog or possibly some ranch Pretzel Bites at their campus Pretzelmaker – a convenient solution. 

Theme Parks and Boardwalks 

When you go to an amusement park or visit a boardwalk, there is so much to see, so much to do — who has time to sit down and break the bank on an elaborate meal? That is the beauty of concessions and vendors in these locations, you get to grab that fast snack that doesn’t take your time from enjoying the fun. And it doesn’t stop at just these specific locations, our experts believe our soft pretzel franchise could thrive in other entertainment venues that are similar — which include, but aren’t limited to, the following: 

  • Water parks
  • Bowling alleys
  • Sporting arenas
  • Movie theaters
  • Concert venues

Train Stations and Airports

Quick travel fact for you! Did you know that there are around  1 billion airline passengers annually in the U.S.? That creates an incredible opportunity for a business that thrives in high-traffic areas.

Popular transportation hubs, like airports, are ideal spot to find the perfect customers for a soft pretzel franchise. If you’ve ever traveled yourself, you know it’s a great feeling to get to your gate early and know that you are fully-prepared to board your aircraft. And if you were running around all day or were behind schedule, sitting down for a meal isn’t always an option — nobody wants to make that panic-filled last-minute dash! Pretzelmaker is an ideal franchise opportunity in the food business for a transportation hub —  customers can grab a quick snack along with a refreshing beverage and continue their travel, almost without breaking stride. 

Are you interested in discovering more about our franchise opportunities in the food business or our other non-traditional location options? Feel free to get in touch with our team!