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Pretzelmaker west coast franchise expo

Our Visit to the West Coast Franchise Expo

Pretzelmaker West Coast Franchise Expo

The Global Franchise Group team and I recently had a chance to visit the West Coast Franchise Expo that was in Anaheim, CA. We had a wonderful time and there was such a buzz surrounding the happenings in the ever-growing franchise industry. I happened to get some real-time feedback while I was there. Some of it was as follows…

“We love meeting people at the WCFE.  It gives us an opportunity to re-introduce our brands to the west coast.  Each of our brands have a great story and it’s fun to share those stories with people who aren’t as familiar with our brands.” -Mary Coots Franchise Development Manager at Global Franchise Group

“There seemed to be some new energy around franchising from prospects that visited the WCFE this year. We are extremely excited at the possibilities and have big plans for growth with all our brands including the newly acquired Hot Dog On A Stick which originated in Southern CA.” -Tim Linderman VP of Franchise Sales at Global Franchise Group

Are you interested in franchise opportunities with one of our brands or to learn more about the West Coast Franchise Expo? Contact us today at 877-639-2361.