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Pretzelmaker franchise

What a Pretzel Franchise Could Do For You

How many times have you dreamed of walking into your boss’s office and telling him that you quit? Probably the same amount of times that you’ve dreamed of winning the lottery. From the moment we start working, we begin to plan for our retirement. Many of us are trapped in a job in order to keep up with the bills and save for that retirement. But have you ever considered becoming your own boss?

This isn’t as farfetched an idea as you might imagine. One proactive route you could take is to invest in a Pretzelmaker franchise. Perhaps you’ve seen one of these outlets at your mall food court or when you were on your last vacation. If there isn’t a Pretzelmaker near you, then this might just be a wonderful opportunity to bring that business to your community.

How Much is Needed to Open a Pretzelmaker Franchise?

The initial franchise fee is $30K. Depending on the location and size of the store, the price range to get up and running could be anywhere between $155K and $240K. When you consider the potential for return and even flow of business, you can quickly see this is a smart investment. To find out more about store revenues, you will have to make an official inquiry into opening a Pretzelmaker franchise and receive our franchise disclosure document (FDD). That is easily accomplished with a few clicks of your computer mouse.

Take note that Global Franchise Group (GFG), the parent company who owns Pretzelmaker, does not provide financing to set up a franchise. However, they are happy to provide the resources and support that can link you to third party lenders.

How Long Before a Store Can Open?

After closing the franchise agreement and securing your store location, you can be up and running in as little as 90-days. Keep in mind that through every step of the initial construction, set up, and training, the franchisor is going to be offering an abundant amount of support. You’re not in this alone!

Is Pretzelmaker a Good Company?

Pretzelmaker merged with Pretzel Time in 2010 to become the second largest soft pretzel concept in America. Before that, they were in the soft pretzel making business since 1991. Clearly, they have been doing something right!

At present, there are 300+ Pretzelmaker franchises in operation around the country and across the globe. They are ranked as one of the Top 500 Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.

On top of this, recent surveys found that 40% of consumers replace a meal with a snack. The target demo of 18-24 year olds also prefers to snack outside their homes. In other words, they are the perfect customer for Pretzelmaker franchises!

Work Ahead

Although you’ll be getting a tremendous amount of support from the franchise, there is still work ahead. The initial startup will have you devoting a lot of hours to insure your store is running smoothly. Once that well-trained staff is in place, you can step back from the day-to-day operation and maintain your position as the owner.

If this sounds like a great fit for you, then contact us today to learn more about how you can invest in your very own Pretzemaker franchise!