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pretzel franchise cost

What Are the Costs Associated with Opening a Pretzelmaker Franchise?

As with any new business, our pretzel franchise cost will vary depending on the specifics of your location. However, we’ve been in the business long enough to know what it takes to get a great franchise up and running. Here, we’ll provide you with a few estimates and break down the important parts of your investment. 

What is the Total Pretzel Franchise Cost?

Opening a new Pretzelmaker franchise typically costs between $205,200-$332,000. This figure estimates just about everything it takes to get started including:

  • Equipment costs
  • Signage
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Construction Cost
  • Food costs

When starting a new business, one problem faced by many entrepreneurs is that they’re not sure exactly where to spend their money, or what their business will need to be successful. Having opened many Pretzelmaker franchises before, we can help ensure that nothing is overlooked as you’re preparing to open for business. Our comprehensive investment breakdown lists everything we expect you to invest in, reducing the likelihood of unexpected costs.

How Does the Franchise Fee Fit In?

An important part of our pretzel franchise cost is our initial franchise fee of $30,000. This fee is included in the estimate above. It’s an important part of the initial investment because it entitles you to use our brand name, and also take advantage of our many resources. For instance, we’ll guide you in finding the perfect space to open your new franchise.

You’ll receive a good deal of training when you become a franchisee, and your franchise fee helps to offset some of the costs we’ll incur during that process. Starting a new business means coming up with a business model, and that can be difficult for independent owners. How should operations be structured? How much should they pay for supplies? How much should they charge customers? It can be a difficult balancing act to get all of that figured out. Fortunately for our franchisees, we’ve already got a great system in place. All they need to do is adopt it! Your franchise fee ensures that a good deal of guesswork will be taken out of the equation when you open, making it a worthwhile part of the overall pretzel franchise cost.

Ongoing Fees

We do assess a few modest ongoing fees, as our franchisees receive a good deal of support throughout the life of their business. These fees are designed to ensure that franchisees receive useful resources, that our policies and procedures are kept up-to-date with changing trends, and to develop fresh marketing materials. Many of our franchisees find that these fees pay for themselves in terms of the benefits they get back. The best way to learn more about these fees is to contact us directly and ask for more information.

Ready to learn more about our pretzel franchise costs? Contact us today!