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What Does a Typical Pretzelmaker Owner Look Like?

Investing in a fast food franchise can be one of the best ways to seize more autonomy without sacrificing the thrill of entrepreneurship, new opportunities, and fresh business challenges.

A franchise investment in an established name like Pretzelmaker gives you immediate brand awareness and currency with customers since they’re not guessing at your service or quality. They understand that they’re going to receive a reliably great snack every time they visit!

Another thing you should realize if you’re thinking about becoming a Pretzelmaker franchisee is that doing so provides you access to nationwide advertising networks, ongoing training and support, and financial resources.

Characteristics of a Typical Pretzelmaker Franchisee

Food franchises across the country are giving out more prime locations to multi-unit owners as part of their particular development plans for expansion.

Attracted to Multi-Unit Ownership

Multi-unit ownership among fast food franchise owners is on the rise for a number of reasons.

For starters, owning multiple Pretzelmaker locations is turning into an increasingly attractive option since it allows the average Pretzelmaker owner to scale up quickly. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the average Pretzelmaker owner could conceivably run three to five locations relatively autonomously (that is, without hiring overseeing managers).

The reason is that you’ll already have the tools, training, and support at your disposal to expand seamlessly—perhaps even in the same indoor mall.

This makes oversight much easier and allows you to keep a tighter handle on staff training, which cuts down on employee turnover and keeps costs down.

Financially Stable and Committed

A typical Pretzelmaker owner is financially stable and committed to doing all that it takes to make each of his or her locations really thrive.

Many people first getting acquainted with franchising think that they have to wait until they’ve reached seven figures to make it happen. The truth is that the typical Pretzelmaker franchisee can make it work with much less—as long as he or she brings confidence, managerial know-how, and an open-minded, outgoing attitude to the table.

Relative financial stability is an important consideration, though. You should have a net worth of at least $250,000 and access to $100,000 in liquidity for each Pretzelmaker store that you’re considering opening.

Receiving More Financial Help for Your Franchise Investment

The good news is that this is doable for many aspiring (or expanding) Pretzelmaker franchisees since these requirements aren’t beyond most franchise investors, and you’ll likely have access to financial help and private financing.

If you’re interested in expanding, you might look into SBA loans, private loans, or merchant cash advances to expand into new, promising franchise territories.

SBA loans are guaranteed by the government and have generous terms and repayment periods. In contrast, a merchant cash advance—although not technically a loan—can quickly give you the financial resources to expand.

Coachable, Personable, and Open-Minded

In keeping with some of the well-documented franchisee characteristics that everyone talks about, Pretzelmaker owners are typically coachable and willing to listen to ways that they might improve their location’s logistics, management, training, and appeal to customers.

Pretzelmaker franchisees realize that it’s okay—even encouraged—to ask for help when they’re in doubt. There’s always a way to improve on serving your customers and training your staff! Our franchise owners are also oriented toward a proven system and have the interpersonal skills to inspire their staff and attract customers.

Running a Pretzelmaker franchise location takes hard work, but the payoff is extremely gratifying for the right person. Interested in learning more about investing in a Pretzelmaker franchise? Then contact us today!

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