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What Does the Quick Service Restaurant Industry Look Like?

The QSR industry is one of the largest in the food sector, generating about $570 billion worldwide. QSRs are continuing to grow in popularity, and, because of this, franchise opportunities are increasing as well. The industry consists of two major concepts: fast food and fast-casual. Fast food has held the majority in the industry for decades, but fast-casual food is also up and coming. Overall, the QSR industry continues to look promising for years to come, and now may be the best time to invest in an opportunity.

What Is the Difference Between Fast-Casual and Fast Food?

There are a lot of fast food and fast-casual concepts to choose from, but the best way to make the decision is to have a deeper understanding of them. Fast food focuses on what its name suggests: getting food to the customer, fast. These QSRs typically focus on the speed and convenice with many offering a drive-thru. Customers love these stores for the convenience, the price, and the taste.

Fast-casual still incorporates speed and convenience into the concept, but they focus more on the quality of experience with dine-in seating. Both concepts are seeing a lot of success in the QSR industry, and more and more are only expected to appear as franchises continue to grow.

What Kinds of Opportunities Are Available in the QSR Industry?

Customers like knowing exactly what to expect when they walk into a fast-casual or fast food restaurant, which is exactly what a franchise provides. Since every brand has its own business model that is adaptable to all franchisees, every location that opens is expected to have the same experience. The consistency that franchises provide is part of the reason they are so successful.

Franchising Vs. Independently-Owned Business

Franchises and small businesses both have their pros and cons, but the benefits of a franchise in the QSR industry are worth taking a look at. Franchises come with things such as brand recognition, training, support, and the assurance that the business model is well-tested since it has worked for other franchisees.  People love pretzels, but what they love more is the assurance that they will like the product they are buying. Since there are Pretzelmakers all across the country that are successful, customers choose them because they know the product is good.

Breaking into the QSR Industry

Investing in a franchise like Pretzelmaker is an easy way to break into the QSR industry. In fact, soft pretzels are a smaller niche than the typical burger or chicken opportunity, which can mean there is more potential for growth. Pretzels are a great because they are also a popular food item at a variety of locations. Whether your franchise is at a mall, a university, a stadium, an airport, or somewhere else, you know your franchise has a popular demographic within it.

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