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fresh twist, pretzelmaker franchise

What Is the Pretzelmaker Fresh Twist Concept?

We’ve always been known for our delicious and innovative pretzel concepts, but last year we created a fresh new twist to the pretzel and snack game. Fresh Twist by Pretzelmaker has taken the classic, beloved menu that features pretzel bites, pretzel dogs, and our regular soft pretzels and added late-night options and a selection of breakfast foods. We have created a concept that goes far beyond what other pretzel franchises are offering, and for the past year, it has proven to be extremely effective.

fresh twist, pretzelmaker franchise

A Greater Demand for a Fresh Twist on Pretzels

Pretzels have been around for centuries, but they’ve remained pretty stale over the years. Nowadays, however, pretzels can come in their traditional form, bite-size, and even as sandwich buns. There is also a greater variety than ever of toppings and sauces. We noticed this higher demand for pretzel variety, so we created a concept that gives customers more pretzels to choose from at more hours of the day. Everybody loves soft pretzels, and our new concept lets customers enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Through Fresh Twist, Pretzelmaker now offers breakfast sandwiches on pretzel buns, Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Sticks, Pretzel Flatbread Pizzas, and Pepperoni Pretzel Rolls  at every location.

Creating a Concept that Works Everywhere

One of the best things about the Fresh Twist concept is that it was created with every type of location in mind — both traditional and non-traditional. The demand for pretzels spans across a wide demographic, so we made sure our franchises could open at several different locations. Traditional Pretzelmaker franchises are typically operated in malls or retail centers, but our franchisees have seen success at several other locations as well, like airports, military bases, college campuses, and more. Fresh Twist accommodates franchises at almost any location, and only requires about 200 square feet of space. Our flexibility for the size and location of Pretzelmaker franchises make us stand out from others in the snack food industry.

What Makes Fresh Twist Different?

Our Fresh Twist concept was created with all Pretzelmaker non-traditional franchises in mind. We added breakfast and late-night options to bring a wider variety of pretzels to our demographic. In addition to being a customer favorite, Fresh Twist is also accommodating to franchisees. By bringing quality, hand-rolled pretzels and other signature menu items to customers all around the world, we believe we are truly revolutionizing the pretzel industry.

Learn more about the Fresh Twist concept with a Pretzelmaker franchise by downloading this free infographic!