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What Makes the QSR Industry Profitable?

Quick Service Restaurants, or QSRs, are pretty much everywhere. You can see the growth of the QSR industry—also known as fast food—in pretty much every city, highway exit, mall, and shopping center. The QSR industry earns $570 billion around the world every year1. In the United States, fast food earned $200 billion in 2015, and the industry is expected to grow by 2.5% each year1.

Those are some big numbers! But what is it about the industry that makes it so lucrative?

  • Adapting to customer tastes
  • Updating locations
  • Creating efficient operations

QSRs need to be willing to adjust in order to keep up with the changes in the industry.

Adapting to Customer Tastes

Consumers’ preferences are changing, and the QSR industry is adapting to keep up. For one thing, typical fast food customers are looking for more than just burgers and fries. This gives an excellent opportunity to restaurants that offer unique menu items, like soft pretzels.

Pretzelmaker is a prime example of a QSR that is changing to meet customers’ tastes. When we opened, we were already making tasty, gourmet soft pretzels. As time went on, we adapted our menu to our customers’ tastes with items like pretzel bites and the pretzeldog. We have even added an entire menu of pretzel flavors and dipping sauces so we have something to please everyone’s taste buds.

Updating Locations

Though drive through locations are still quite popular for fast food restaurants, changing locations are gaining in popularity1. QSRs need to be flexible in their locations in order to attract a diverse customer base.

Any restaurant can benefit from changing up its typical locations. Pretzelmaker restaurants used to be primarily located in food courts, but we are working to change that. We can find customers in a variety of locations, so we encourage our franchisees to find non-traditional locations. Some of the places we suggest are:

  • Stadiums
  • Convenience stores
  • Travel centers
  • Resorts
  • Amusement parks
  • Airports
  • Military bases

Creating Efficient Operations

People tend to like things that are familiar to them2. QSRs can use this to their advantage by keeping their operations efficient. Not only does this make running the business easier, but it keeps the products and experience the same across all locations. A business that works well from location to location gives consistency to customers.

Over the years, Pretzelmaker has been able to build a strong franchise brand because of our efficient operations. Our tested processes help our franchisees with everything from point of sale to payroll to bookkeeping. In addition, all of our dough and baking procedures are carefully crafted to make the delicious pretzels we are known for. Streamlining all of this helps our brand stay relevant in the industry.

Pretzelmaker is continuing to adapt in the QSR industry. Our franchise opportunity offers the chance to own a business that lets you capitalize on this lucrative industry. You can learn more about the Pretzelmaker franchise investment by downloading our ebook!


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