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What Skills Do You Need to Run a Thriving Fast Food Franchise?

Fast food franchises are primarily about connecting with people. That’s why one of the must-have qualities for running a thriving fast food franchise is great people skills.

Franchisees who do well as owner-operators in the fast food franchising industry bring value and a sense of shared commitment to those with whom they interact. This helps foster trust with your customers in particular and the larger community in general.

Why Strong Interpersonal Skills Are Essential to Operate a Fast Food Franchise

Bringing great people skills and a willingness to listen to others to the table is a huge asset because of its wide applicability in fast food franchising.

Strong interpersonal skills are going to help you find the best locations in your area and work with franchise consultants and area developers associated with the fast food franchise in which you’re interested.

From there, you’ll need to leverage your understanding of the market and the research that you’ve done over many months when you present a lender with your franchise business plan. This requires effectively communicating your future direction and creating trust and confidence in your audience.

In particular, if you scale up and become a multi-unit franchise owner, you’ll need to leverage your people skills and delegating ability to get franchise managers up to speed.

Moreover, bringing your staff up to speed—in a single unit or multiple units—requires empathy, patience, great communication skills, and active listening. Active listening also clues you into problem areas and allows you to refine your operating efficiency.

Willingness to Listen, Learn, Work, and Grow 

When you look at most fast food franchises today, you have to realize that you’re seeing the cream of the crop.

Why’s that? Because you likely have never heard of franchises that didn’t make it or that couldn’t overcome a significant flaw in marketing, training, or franchise development.

Franchises like Pretzelmaker that are ranked highly in Entrepreneur and Technomic achieved these rankings because they did the little things well and kept improving along the way. Franchisees who are willing to follow a proven system benefit from decades of experience, brand recognition, marketing acumen, and training and hiring insights.

The ability to listen to and learn from others in the franchise industry extends to franchise networking as well: Locating peers and mentors in your area can help you hone your skills.

By networking and learning from others’ mistakes and triumphs, you can avoid the most common franchising pitfalls.

A willingness to listen and learn as a fast food franchisee, for instance, can mean that you’ll define your territory into manageable pieces to focus your efforts and ultimately achieve more growth.

Change with the Times . . . Yet Remain Coachable 

The fast food franchise industry is powered by quick service restaurants that cater to customers’ evolving palates. However, staying current with the times might involve a little more than previously thought.

Franchise Direct recently put out a fast food industry report detailing some interesting findings about the fast food franchising market.

It showed that consumers are more concerned than ever with healthier food options, mobile relationships with your brand, and your ability to broaden out to nontraditional locations to find customers where they like to shop and spend time.

Better social media engagement and mobile payment options can help you evolve with the times, and opening your first Pretzelmakers in nontraditional locations like travel plazas, schools, and airports can often translate into more satisfied local (and loyal) customers.

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