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What’s Hot in Pretzel Franchises

The soft pretzel industry is growing quickly as customers realize what convenient and low-calorie snacks pretzels are. The pretzel industry naturally capitalizes on the trend sweeping the nation for increased focus on fresh preparation and healthier alternatives. However, it is crucial that pretzel franchises stay hip to certain trends in order to stay relevant in this highly competitive market.

More Than Pretzels

There is nothing quite like a hot freshly-made pretzel with salt. Customers can only eat so many pretzels per day or week, however, so it is important to offer some variety in order to keep customers coming back day after day. Pretzelmaker offers a small but encompassing menu that is sure to delight guests while maintaining the core concepts of convenience and freshness.

Menu items that are available at Pretzelmaker franchise locations include:

  • -The company’s signature pretzel bites with toppings
  • -Pretzel dogs
  • -Pretzel rolls, stuffed with cheese, marinara, and pepperoni
  • -Blended drinks
  • -A variety of flavored lemonades
  • -Pretzels coated with different toppings
  • -Sauces to suit different tastes and toppings

Emerging Technology

Using technology to market and increase enthusiasm is very helpful when it comes to engaging new customers and doing continued business with existing customers. Social media platforms are particularly important to this cause. Technology helps pretzel franchisees put the Pretzelmaker name directly in front of customers to increase brand awareness quickly and easily. Technology also helps franchisees make customers aware of promotions, which can draw business efficiently.

National Pretzel Day

Pretzelmaker owns National Pretzel Day, April 26. On National Pretzel Day, every Pretzelmaker location gives away one salted or unsalted pretzel to each customer that stops by the location. National Pretzel Day garners nationwide attention, which can help to quickly expand the customer base. Franchisees are advised to market and plan for this important day. Pretzels given away on National Pretzel Day may earn customers that come back on many other days throughout the year. Donations made on National Pretzel Day benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Community Support

Franchises can no longer earn the respect of the community simply by offering a great product and service. Giving back to the community is expected, and will make customers feel as though they are playing a part in bettering their community when they spend money at a franchise that supports local causes. In addition to the support for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society that is generated on National Pretzel Day, Pretzelmaker also partners with neighboring stores to help drive business in the communities in which Pretzelmaker locations operate. Pretzelmaker also provides rewards for employees to show appreciation and support.

For info on becoming a Pretzelmaker Franchisee, contact us at 800.524.6444