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When it Comes to Setting Up Your Pretzelmaker Location, the Sky’s (Almost) the Limit!

One of the truly unique aspects of a Pretzelmaker franchise opportunity is that there are any number of ways owners can set up shop. While traditional Pretzelmaker stores are located in malls and shopping areas, non-traditional models, like those found in airports, movie theaters and college campuses, are terrific alternatives. In fact, just about any place that enjoys high pedestrian traffic can be potentially used as a non-traditional site, so long as it meets the site requirements of owning and operating a Pretzelmaker location.

How Big and Where?

When you begin the process of opening your pretzel franchise with us, you’ll need to find a site that ranges from a minimum of 200 square feet to a maximum of around 850. The larger locations do well in the traditional settings, like malls and as urban storefronts, and for many franchisees, this is a level of investment they’re comfortable with. But others would prefer to start out small, and that’s where the non-traditional model presents such a wonderful opportunity! These locations generally require a smaller footprint and can integrate nicely in a variety of settings. They’re highly flexible and are unique to their surroundings. Below are a few of the more popular choices.

College Campuses

A college campus is a strong non-traditional model for many reasons. First of all, students are typically very busy people with no time or inclination to cook. They’re spending much of their day in student union halls or dining areas and more and more universities want to provide unique dining options to students all over campus. Pretzelmaker fits that bill perfectly! And, depending on how big a location you want to operate, you can offer students not just tasty and wholesome pretzels, but a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner! Our Fresh Twist model can provide students with a full dining experience, one they’ll want to come back to over and over again!


Airports are another great non-traditional model site, for all kinds of reasons. A busy airport will see thousands of people walk its halls over the course of a day — travelers who, after getting through security, will often have a lot of time on their hands while waiting for flights. That leaves them plenty of opportunity to eat and shop. But regardless of whether they have time to kill, or are rushing to make their gate, travelers who are hurried, hungry, or bored are going to want what a delicious and warm Pretzelmaker pretzel has to offer. You’ll end up being just the right snack at the right time!

Movie Theaters

Opening a pretzel franchise in a movie theater makes sense for all the obvious reasons. Folks are there to have a good time and snack on fun foods. And while popcorn is the traditional choice, many people are looking for alternatives. Today, our pretzels, Pretzel Bites, awesome dipping sauces, and mozzarella stuffed bites are winning more and more moviegoers over! Opening a non-traditional model in a movie theater, or in any other venue that caters to amusement, like a theme park or stadium, allows a franchisee to cater to an audience that’s ready to spend money and have fun!

All our franchise models are unique and adaptable to numerous locations. To find out more about starting your pretzel franchise with us, get in touch today.