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how to buy a mall franchise

Where Will Your Franchise Be One Year From Now?

Just because you’ve gone over the basics of how to buy a mall franchise doesn’t mean you’ve worked everything out. A complete business plan will project far into the future of that business. This is especially vital for potential investors who want to see where their money will be going. Do you know where your franchise will be one year from now? A lot depends on the franchise. Consider framing that question as it relates to our Pretzelmaker franchise.

Our franchise has been a pioneer in the fast food soft pretzel arena since 1991. Right from the start, the concept was a hit with our customers. Couple that with our proven business model and you’ll soon find out how to buy a mall franchise with little stress. So, where could your Pretzelmaker franchise be a year from now?

Franchising Team

You’ll Be Celebrating International Pretzel Day

International Pretzel Day is a celebration of all things pretzel that was spearheaded by Pretzelmaker. On this day, every visitor to one of our franchises will be rewarded with a free pretzel which is a terrific opportunity to expand your customer base. After all, once someone has tried a fresh-baked soft pretzel, you can bet they’ll be back for more!

You’ll Be Fundraising

There will be a lot to keep you busy in the first few months after you open your Pretzelmaker. However, once you settle into a routine and your staff has been properly trained, you’ll find that you have more opportunities to expand your business which might come through many fundraising drives.

You’ll be able to use your Pretzelmaker as a home base for school and church groups. They can set up special sales that happen right out of the store or sell redeemable coupons as part of their money raising efforts. When you were thinking about how to buy a mall franchise, you might not have considered all the good you can do in your community. Now you know!

You’ll Be Enjoying New Menu Selections

Our Pretzelmaker franchise remains a viable franchise opportunity because it stays fresh! That includes the ingredients used every day but also with the menu expansion. When Pretzelmaker first opened, there was no such thing as Mozzarella Stuff Bites or Pretzel Dog Bites. Now those are two of the most popular items on the menu.

You’ll Have the Opportunity to Expand

One year from now, you might start thinking about opening a second or even third Pretzelmaker. When you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll find that there are several incentive programs to take advantage of that might help you save money when opening multiple franchises. Ask around and you’ll find that other Pretzelmaker franchise owners have multiple stores and they will say that opening multiple Pretzelmaker franchises is a lot like opening one!

How to Buy a Mall Franchise in 2015

Pretzelmaker could easily be considered one of the greatest fast food franchises 2015. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can find out how well these businesses are doing by obtaining the financial disclosure documents which can be provided when you contact us. You’ll be given all the information you’ll need to make the right decision about how to buy a mall franchise and make your investment work for you!