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Pretzelmaker franchise investor

Why a Pretzelmaker Franchise is a Strong Choice for Millennial Investors

While modern franchising has been around since the 20th century, there arguably has never been a generation more suited for the business model than Millennials. That’s because this diverse generation—having come of age during an era of economic recession, massive job outsourcing, automation, and pension declines—intuitively understands the advantages of a franchise and how it fits into the current economy. And when it comes to choosing which of those franchises to pick, a Pretzelmaker franchise rises naturally to the top.

Following is a look at not only why franchises, in general, can be a strong choice for Millennial investors.

Independence with a Strong Pretzelmaker Franchise Support Group

According to Forbes, a whopping 72% of Millennials want to be their own boss. While part of this is thanks to that classic American entrepreneurial spirit, experts believe much of this desire for independence arises out of a generational distrust of employers, large corporations, and schools. Millennials have seen their hard-working family members laid off and friends saddled with school debt that traps them in undesirable jobs.

Franchises are a fantastic alternative that allows investors to break away from traditional career molds and immediately become their own boss, but with the added benefit of doing so in a supportive environment. Here, you don’t need a unique business idea—instead, you share the good ideas of a greater team.

The Pretzelmaker franchise is particularly renowned for its supportive, collaborative network. Franchise owners enjoy ongoing training and support, education, and development, with open and transparent communications with other franchisees and the parent group. With Pretzelmaker, you don’t need an extensive food service background. Instead, proprietary products and a built-in supply chain enable investors to roll up their sleeves and hit the ground running.

Healthy and Socially Responsible

Two other Millennial values are a focus on healthy food choices and socially responsible and sustainable business practices. While not every franchise lives up to these values completely, even McDonald’s—arguably the greasiest of fast food franchises—is changing its ways with healthier options and transition into sustainable practices like cage-free eggs. Joining an established franchise allows Millennials with these values to tap into brand recognition and be part of the change.

Starting a Pretzelmaker franchise simply allows investors to be further involved and do more in the pursuit of these values. Pretzels are naturally high in fiber, iron, zinc, and other essential nutrients while simultaneously being low in fat and calories—making for a great snack for all ages. Additionally, social responsibility is built into the franchise’s core. One of the biggest examples of this is the brand’s support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and their annual fundraising and social awareness campaigns for it.

Integrated Marketing

In addition to a huge promotion that occurs every National Pretzel Day—April 26—the parent group is constantly running a number of exciting promotions and innovations. This puts them in the desirable position of focusing on operations. That said, no one does marketing like Millennials, and there is always assistance and support ready to help franchisees research, develop, and initiate local marketing and advertising initatives.

In summary, whether or not you’re in the Millennial age bracket, there are plenty of reasons to take a look into a Pretzelmaker franchise. For more information about the group’s delicious product offerings and premium brand recognition, contact us today.