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running a soft pretzel franchise

Why an Investment in a Soft Pretzel Franchise Is Worth It

Running a soft pretzel franchise can be an extremely rewarding career. Each year, the snack food industry sees tremendous growth, and soft pretzels play a huge role in that. People who are walking around malls, waiting at airports, watching their favorite sports teams, and more love the convenience they bring and the great taste they have, which makes a soft pretzel franchise a potential worthy investment. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider running a soft pretzel franchise over any other opportunity.

The Industry Is Growing

The U.S. salty snacks market is exciting because people love having something smaller to eat between meals or while they’re out running errands. Soft pretzels play an important role in this need because they are franchisable. As of 2017, the market was at $24 billion, with a projection to grow to $29 billion in the next five years.

Soft pretzels are a popular favorite of many Americans, and, through Pretzelmaker, you could own your own franchise and bring this proven concept to a territory near you.

You probably think of soft pretzel franchises being only a mall concept, but they are not! People everywhere love soft pretzels, and there are many locations other than malls that have proven to be ideal for running a soft pretzel franchise. These non-traditional locations can include airports, college campuses, stadiums, military bases, and more! The possibilities are endless for a Pretzelmaker franchise.

Running a Soft Pretzel Franchise Is Like Running Your Own Business

There are a lot of differences between running a business and running a franchise; however, there are also a lot of similarities. With a Pretzelmaker franchise, you are still responsible for hiring your team and running the day-to-day tasks associated with your franchise, much like running your own sole proprietorship. What you gain by running a soft pretzel franchise is the brand recognition, the training, the support, and the ample other resources that you cannot get any other way. Having training prior to opening your franchise is a huge benefit because you learn more about the industry in addition to everything you need to know about your new Pretzelmaker.

We also offer ongoing support after the training for our franchisees as well. Here at Pretzelmaker, we recognize that our brand is only as successful as the franchisees. Because of this, we want to help you stay on the right path with the highest likelihood of success.

Investing in a Pretzelmaker Franchise

We have created something unique in the soft pretzel industry. By investing in a franchise instead of starting your own business, you will have so many more benefits. We are there for our franchisees and go the extra mile to try and help them through the twists and turns of running a soft pretzel franchise. Let us help you break into an exciting career with your own Pretzelmaker.

If you are interested in learning more about running a soft pretzel franchise, check out our FAQs!