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fast food franchise opportunities

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Get Involved in the Fast Food Industry

Fast food franchise opportunities have been abundant for decades, but they have greatly diversified in recent years. Many entrepreneurs still think of fast food franchises as burger or chicken restaurants that serve lower-quality food in exchange for fast service and food to eat on-the-go. What many people don’t realize is just how many fast food restaurants out there don’t cut corners. Here at Pretzelmaker, we are a soft pretzel franchise that specializes in quality, hand-rolled pretzels that make a great snack, and we even offer sandwiches on pretzel buns for customers looking for a quick meal. Pretzelmaker is a quick service restaurant that is contributing to the new way people look at fast food, and here is why you should get involved in the industry today.

fast food franchise opportunities

What It Means to be a Fast Food Franchise

Our fast food franchise opportunity differs from others in the industry. For starters, our concept allows us to open locations pretty much anywhere with large amounts of people and/or foot traffic, since our products don’t actually require customers to sit down to eat their food. Many entrepreneurs typically think of pretzel franchises as being located in malls, but our fast food franchise opportunities allow franchisees to open in a wide variety of locations. Whether it’s an airport, college campus, or a theme park, there is always a demand for soft pretzels.

What Separates Us From Other Fast Food Franchise Opportunities

We’ve been serving customers high-quality soft pretzels for almost 30 years. Over the decades, we have perfected not only our products but our franchise concept as well. Our franchisees love what they do and the products they serve, and are proud to have the Pretzelmaker logo on their sign.

We are different than other fast food franchise opportunities because we belong to the Global Franchise Group (GFG). This brand management company is home to multiple fast food franchises that have worked to implement the best franchising strategies to help our owners stay on the right path. With GFG’s backing, our franchise opportunity outshines many other fast food franchises out there.

How You Can Break into the Fast Food Industry

FranchiseHelp found that the fast food industry generates an annual revenue of over $570 billion. This means there are ample opportunities within our industry, but also a lot of negative perceptions attached to fast food franchises, like poor working conditions and unhealthy menu items. Our goal is to break that stigma, and give fast food a good name. We made sure that our franchises offer the best ingredients at the best price, so they can open their franchise confidently.

We are a leading soft pretzel franchise that offers something different than the average fast food restaurant. Our concept is turnkey, and you can open a location with as little as 200 square feet!

Learn more about our fast food franchise opportunities and what the industry looks like!