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pretzel store

Why are Pretzel Franchises So Popular?

What kind of investor are you? Are you an investor looking to add to a portfolio of brands with strategic placement of a pretzel store in your shopping mall? Are you a novice investor that wants to escape the corporate nuisance of a nine-to-five gig in the form of your own business like a pretzel franchise?

Whichever route you’ve traveled, an important step towards gaining that independence or building your portfolio is educating yourself on the market demand and brand. When it comes to the pretzel business, we certainly are experts — so let’s take a quick glance at the versatility of our service, the convenience we provide, and why Americans now more than ever are choosing to eat out. 

A Versatile Product

In the quick-service restaurant industry, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition while always staying true to your service. The pretzel industry has seen this, and Pretzelmaker specifically has always worked on taking strides to whip-up exciting new offerings for our guests to munch on. The pretzel is such a versatile product, and Pretzelmaker has worked on updating our menu offerings to always stay on top of new possibilities for our product. 

Our standard Pretzelmaker menu includes an array of options, from our wide variety of pretzel bite snacks to our delectable pretzel dogs. To keep ahead of the competition, we worked to identify more ways to tap into our market. In order to attract more widespread foot traffic and increase our offerings, we rolled out Fresh Twist locations — a new opportunity available for interested franchisees. These locations offer guests morning or late-night snacks for the early-commuting foodies or late-night study owl who couldn’t grab dinner. 

Grab’n Go

Another attractive aspect that makes a pretzel store a tantalizing ownership opportunity is the added convenience our service gives the consumer. When it comes to the necessities of life such as food, an added layer of this convenience that saves Americans time is invaluable. From communication to eating, if it’s quicker, clean-cut and convenient, it’s better. A pretzel franchise takes advantage of that value with a quick-service model that gets customers to the register and out the door in just moments–customers can have instant satisfaction by grabbing a soft and fresh snack at one of our many locations. 

The Popularity of “Pick up or Delivery?”

The truth is, Americans are busy. If you’re still living a corporate lifestyle, you know finding the time to fit in your meals or prepare a full dinner for the entire family can be incredibly challenging. These time constraints have led Americans to get in the car or pick up a menu when the question ‘What’s for dinner?’ is asked. According to a recent study, Americans eat out an average of 5.9 times a week, and 36 percent of Americans also dine at fast-food restaurants on any given day. By starting a pretzel franchise that accounts for any type of hungry customer at any hour of the day, you will be investing in a brand that accommodates for that 36 percent.  

Do you want to learn more about Pretzelmaker and how to open your own pretzel store? Contact us today!