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Why Pretzels Are a Perfect Franchise Investment

As a snack treat, pretzels have been around since the early fifth century. Today, the recipe for soft-baked pretzels has been perfected by Pretzelmaker and a Pretzelmaker franchise can be the perfect investment opportunity. Is Pretzelmaker one of the best fast food franchises to own? Consider the following factors:

Differentiation for a Pretzelmaker Franchise

Differentiation for a Pretzelmaker franchise is how we are able to stand apart from the competition. It’s not just about our delicious pretzels but all the other fabulous menu options available at each store. Pretzelmaker offers blended drinks, pretzel dogs, pretzel bites, and a wide array of toppings. There are the seasonal promotions that can increase sales as well. Of course, it helps that Pretzelmaker is just a fun place to visit. You’ll want to train your staff in a way so the store will have its own friendly and vibrant personality. That’s a good thing in the pretzel business!

Mall Locations

Fresh-baked pretzels are the perfect grab and go kind of snack. You don’t need to have a sit-down restaurant space to enjoy a pretzel. That’s why you’ll find the majority of our Pretzelmaker franchises in malls. We chose malls based on the high volume of foot traffic. Not every shopper goes to every store but they always pass by snack options. Those tempting aromas of fresh-baked pretzels might be all it takes to lure them in!

Customer Demographics

Who does a Pretzelmaker franchise appeal to? Teens, moms, and young adults. In other words, all the regular customers to a mall. Pretzelmaker makes it easy to connect with your target demographics by utilizing a color palate for the store that holds great appeal. The promotions that happen at a Pretzelmaker franchise are geared towards those demographics. You’ll be helped with setting up those promotions with all the knowledge and experience of the vast Pretzelmaker network. In other words, those stores have already found what works. You just need to follow their example.

The Power of the Brand

Your Pretzelmaker franchise will become a part of a strong brand. The Pretzelmaker brand has been around for over two decades. It also includes a network of over 300 locations spread across the country and around the world. Customers appreciate knowing they can depend on the same high-quality taste and ingredients at every one of our Pretzelmaker stores. Why should they go anywhere else when the craving for a soft pretzel strikes?

National Pretzel Day

On April 26, every Pretzelmaker franchise is encouraged to give away a free pretzel to every customer. That’s a great way of saying thanks to those loyal visitors and in creating a whole new set of happy customers. It’s just one of the many fun promotions that a Pretzelmaker franchise gets involved in on a regular basis. There are also some wonderful fundraising opportunities that your store can participate in. This is a chance to show that you’re part of the community and you care.

Training and Support

Your Pretzelmaker franchise will only happen because of the incredible amount of training and support you’ll get from the Global Franchise Group. This is the company who is also supporting other popular franchises such as Marble Slab Creamery, Hot Dog on a Stick, and Great American Cookies. Contact us today to find out how you can become the latest owner of a Pretzelmaker franchise today!