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With So Many Franchise Opportunities Out There, Why Choose a Pretzel Franchise?

The trend of investing in an established brand has escalated recently with the rise of franchises. Every day workers have decided that it is time to work for themselves in an established and thriving business, to help expand their portfolio. With plenty of food franchise opportunities available, we know that identifying our difference-makers will really bolster our growth. We want to show investors that although a soft pretzel business may appear to have a specific product, Pretzelmaker has far more to offer.

Innovative Branding Strategies

The pretzel has a wide range of versatility in the food industry and recognizing that has given Pretzelmaker the ability to find creative ways to sell. Food franchise opportunities constantly struggle with finding this kind of versatility, but while we know that the traditional soft pretzel may be a hit with our initial buyer, but we’d like to expand past that. Our Fresh Twist concept has allowed us to incorporate this diversity in our menu. With late-night and breakfast options, our offering now has a competitive flare that is truly a difference-maker. That addition has paved the way for instant hits like a hot pretzel flatbread pizza, the sausage egg, and cheese pretzel roll and the favorite Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Stix. Fresh Twist has also given us a chance to place our service in a variety of locations, which has further strengthened our ability to create a competitive product.   

A Fit For Any Venue

What good is a solid product if your model won’t fit in venues where your target customer is? The adaptability of our soft pretzel business goes far beyond the diversity of the snack foods we provide. The layout of our stores gives our franchisees the ability to choose from a variety of non-traditional locations. What this means is that we can locate our sites in any area with a large volume of foot traffic. Our customer base can now branch out from the everyday traveler to a student looking for a quick bite to eat. This gives our owners the ability to engage with new customers, thereby expanding the overall awareness of the Pretzelmaker brand. It’s something we believe other fast food franchise opportunities can’t offer.  Whether it be someone on the way to visit their favorite travel spot or an excited amusement park goer, we want to give you the best opportunity to sell your service to a wide range of customers.

Global Franchise Group’s Support

Another pivotal factor in establishing Pretzelmaker as an evolving soft pretzel business is the consistent support from our parent company, Global Franchise Group(GFG). GFG has found a way to corner the snack food demand and are established experts in the field. Once you have been brought on board with Pretzelmaker, you will attend GFG University. There you will have the chance to gain a better understanding of what our business model looks like. This can include information on how to open, how to make products, and how to operate your Pretzelmaker franchise. This support is continuous and is a reason that our franchisees are ecstatic about their decision to start a soft pretzel business.

Finding which food franchise opportunities are a fit for you is a process that we take seriously. Contact us today and we can give you more information about how a soft pretzel business may be right for you.