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join the pretzel industry

Your Next Business Venture Is Just around the Corner!

Have you thought about opening a pretzel franchise? This business venture is smart, secure, and flexible, giving you the chance to be your own boss without starting from scratch. If you are ready to put in the work and follow the proven system then franchising is for you! Read on to learn why.

Be Smart When Opening a Pretzel Franchise

If you are ready to stop working for someone else and start making your own goals happen, we already know you are smart. Some great news about opening a pretzel franchise? The industry is strong, making this a smart investment. Pretzels fall under the category of quick service restaurants, which earned $180 billion in 2016 alone. Even better, the industry is growing thanks to new concepts that deviate from the typical burgers and fries.

Be Secure

Investing in a franchise gets you some security that you can’t get when you start your own business from scratch. Look for a pretzel franchise with a strong and recognizable brand name that you can benefit from. A strong brand worth investing in will have a network of support for franchisees. From great corporate teams helping with things like real estate and training to your fellow franchise owners giving advice and guidance, the network is essential to feeling secure as a franchise owner.

Be Flexible

Choosing a pretzel franchise over other franchise opportunities gives you a lot more flexibility with your locations. You can open a pretzel franchise in a wide variety of venues for a few reasons. First, pretzels are a perfect snack to grab and go, whether you are strolling through the mall or rushing through the airport. Second, a pretzel stand doesn’t need to take up very much square footage. This gives you freedom in opening a pretzel franchise where many other restaurants won’t fit. Non-traditional locations are ideal venues for pretzel shops.

Be Your Own Boss

The American dream of owning a business and building something for yourself is alive and well. Franchising makes business ownership possible, even for people without prior experience. Investing in a franchise comes with some distinct perks that you can’t get with other business ventures.

First of all, the network is a unique advantage of owning a franchise. We already mentioned that the network brings security, but it also gives you extra resources that solo entrepreneurs don’t have. Things like special teams to develop marketing strategies or research new concepts are incredibly useful to all franchisees.

Additionally, a franchise comes with streamlined steps to make the process as simple as possible. Following the steps makes opening a pretzel franchise a straightforward process. Even better, the franchise development team is always there to support new owners whenever they have questions or concerns.

Pretzelmaker is looking for smart, hardworking people to invest in our pretzel franchise. We have available territories all over the nation, so we are excited to embark on this business venture with you! Get in touch with us to learn more about our opportunity.