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Licensing Opportunities: Airports

Put a Fresh Twist on Your Terminal

Today’s airline traveler is looking for quick, tasty, and convenient food as they take off around the world. Unique menu items and dining experiences that offer more than a coffee shop or deli are just what passengers are looking for, and Pretzelmaker is the perfect restaurant to give it to them.

Our store formats can adapt to fit in the spaces in airport terminals and concourses. When you license the Pretzelmaker brand in your airport, we combine our expertise with yours to give travelers the food they want

Any Size Is the Right Size

One of the major challenges of placing restaurants in an airport is that the space is limited; however, Pretzelmaker isn’t challenged by small spaces at all! Our stores are formatted to fit in locations as small as just 250 square feet, so even the smallest spaces are a perfect fit for us. After passengers get through security and make their way to their terminal, they can swing by our store for a quick snack or a tasty meal. We meet all of your passengers’ needs with our layout options:

Kiosk—The popular kiosk concept is especially functional in an airport terminal, and Pretzelmaker is the perfect fit. Our kiosk locations make it easy for passengers to grab a snack as they hurry on their way to boarding. We attract customers to these small and convenient locations with the smell of freshly baking pretzels and the sight of our employees rolling dough or blending drinks. The best part of the kiosk format is that it be a standalone location or a satellite for a bigger store somewhere else in the airport.

Satellite—Airport concessions are used to serving customers from a limited menu, but a Pretzelmaker satellite takes it one step further. These micro-sites are the best option when space is really tight, because they work with another Pretzelmaker store elsewhere in the airport where employees prepare the pretzels to our high standard, then deliver them to the satellite. A satellite can be anything from a pretzel cart to a tiny kiosk, and travelers love that they can swing by, then continue on to the gate, pretzel and ice cold soda in hand.

Pop-ups—Pop-ups in airports have become very popular. Whether adding more convenient options in an existing terminal or appearing during terminal renovations, we are a perfect fit for pop-up locations.

Inline—Compared to kiosks or satellites, an inline layout is spacious. Inline locations fill a little more space in the terminal and offer the full Pretzelmaker menu to travelers. Passengers can get something to go or take advantage of seating areas to take a little break while they eat. The inline layout is great for capitalizing on the captive audience of passengers waiting to board a plane.

Cater to a Captive Audience

Pretzelmaker offers the delicious combination of convenience and choice that airline travelers are looking for in their airport dining. Our food is easy to eat, fresh, portable, and tasty to boot. Our unique menu stands out and is the perfect fit in any terminal that is upgrading food options to be more diverse.

On top of that, our brand uses airport specific marketing materials that speak directly to the enplanements traveling through the concourse. That, combined with our bright colors and tantalizing smells, hooks passengers as they pass and entices them to give us a try.

A Fresh Twist on Our Menu

There can be no doubt that our menu is our greatest strength. We have taken a concessions classic—the soft pretzel—and innovated and improved it without compromising its essential goodness. Our pretzels come in several savory and sweet flavors, and each selection is complemented by a menu of dipping sauces. Add to that Pretzelmaker’s own innovative menu items—the Pretzel Bites and Pretzel Dog—and you can see how we have changed the gourmet soft pretzel game.

Recently, we have decided to take it a step further by adding even more meal options to our menu. A delicious breakfast menu, complete with pretzel, egg, and cheese sandwiches, is ideal for early morning travelers. Those traveling later in the day can enjoy a fresh flatbread pizza along with one of our ice cold Coke products or a creamy smoothie. Our exciting menu means airport travelers can enjoy our quality ingredients and freshly made food wherever they are going.

Licensing Pretzelmaker for your airport is an ideal fit. Our tantalizing menu, flexible layouts, and portable food make us a natural choice that travelers love. Talk with one of our agents to license Pretzelmaker in your airport.

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I love this business. One of the reasons my wife and I chose this business is because of the simplicity of the product. It’s a very simple business model. A very simple business.

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