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Licensing Opportunities: College and University Campuses

A Fresh Twist on College Dining

Students work up an appetite as they spend their days learning, working, and living rich social lives. They need dining hall options that meet their needs and satisfy their cravings. Bringing Pretzelmaker to the cafeteria, stadium, or student union gives students a tasty, low calorie snack that they can eat as they go about their busy lives.

We Know What College Students Like

Food is a social experience, especially for college students. Of course, they head to the dining hall when they are hungry and need fuel for their studies, but the cafeterias at college can go beyond that. Pretzelmaker is a fun brand that perfectly complements student life.

Students need sustenance before orientation, after the big game, during a date, in between classes, or in the middle of an intense study session. Pretzelmaker is a natural fit on a college campus where students are constantly on the go; adding Pretzelmaker to meal plans makes it even more convenient for the student body to enjoy a low calorie snack or meal.

Knowing what students like isn’t enough; at Pretzelmaker, we use college specific marketing materials and strategies that speak directly to the student population. Using a one size fits all marketing strategy doesn’t work, so our marketing team creates materials that address students’ unique needs.

A Customizable Experience

We know that the space in a dining hall or stadium can be limited, so we have designed our stores to work within restricted spaces. That’s what allows Pretzelmaker to fit in almost any venue.

Inline—Serve students the full Pretzelmaker menu of soft pretzels, pretzel bites, pretzel dogs, late night options like flatbread pizzas, breakfast, and creamy blended beverages in an inline location. These are the perfect fit in a dining hall, cafeteria, or stadium because they maximize these space’s shared seating areas.

Satellite—A satellite store serves students and professors from a limited menu, making these micro-sites an ideal option when space is tight. A satellite pairs up with another store where employees mix dough and bake pretzels, then deliver to the satellite to feed hungry students.

Kiosk—One of the most unique campus dining options, kiosks are small and convenient locations designed to serve students as they go by. Pretzelmaker is an ideal choice for a kiosk, where students typically need food they can grab and take with them. We can build out in as little as 250 square feet, giving students a place to pick up a snack as they hurry off to class. Even better, a kiosk can be a standalone store or a satellite of a bigger Pretzelmaker elsewhere on campus.

Licensing Pretzelmaker for a college campus is a natural fit. Our unique brand and mouth-watering pretzels bring something new to campus that students crave. Talk with one of our agents to license Pretzelmaker on campus.

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I love this business. One of the reasons my wife and I chose this business is because of the simplicity of the product. It’s a very simple business model. A very simple business.

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