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Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunities

If you have been looking for a unique pretzel franchise opportunity, look no further than Pretzelmaker’s non-traditional fast food franchise opportunity. These non-traditional restaurants allow you to serve our delicious menu of fresh baked pretzels, creamy blended drinks, and more, all at new and unique locations. While traditional Pretzelmaker stores are located in malls or shopping centers, non-traditional soft pretzel shops can be almost anywhere! In fact, the very nature of non-traditional franchising is finding locations found in various high-trafficked venues across the country. We’ll discuss this further below.

What Is a Non-Traditional Franchise?

Food kiosk franchises placed in high-traffic spots that are not part of a mall or shopping center are non-traditional locations. Usually, these are placed in existing venues that receive a great volume of foot traffic. In a nutshell, a non-traditional pretzel kiosk can be a great fit anywhere that you will find high volumes of customers. There are virtually limitless possibilities (see the bottom of this page for ideas).

Non-traditional locations have an obvious appeal: They are flexible, unique, and special to each venue. Every individual store gives customers a unique experience, while still providing the freshly baked, soft, and delicious food that Pretzelmaker is famous for. And that’s not to mention our creative products like Pretzel Bites and Pretzel Dogs!

Pretzelmaker Works in Non-Traditional Locations

With our experience and products, we can make your non-traditional fast food restaurant work. Here’s why:

  • FOOD: Our food is so delicious, we can’t help but brag about it. We have built our reputation around making convenient food from high-quality ingredients. We mix our dough in every store. Our employees twist and bake all day, filling the area with the tantalizing smell of pretzels.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Each location and owner are different, and Pretzelmaker is the brand to meet your needs. We can make it easy to adjust your store to fit the location because of our flexible buildout requirements. For example, places like concessions stands in sporting arenas provide a kitchen prep space for all vendors to share. Some brands might hesitate at the idea of a shared prep zone, but not Pretzelmaker! What some brands see as a problem, we see as potential.
  • INNOVATION: At Pretzelmaker, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the soft pretzel industry. Since we opened our first store, we have been innovators, creating snacks that have gone on to become industry-wide successes. Pretzel Bites and Pretzel Dogs were just the beginning. We continue to make limited edition menu items and special offers to bring our customers what they want. A new breakfast menu and dinner items like flatbread pizzas make our brand appealing any time of day.
pretzel making machine

The Benefits of a Non-Traditional Fast Food Restaurant

Non-traditional franchise opportunities have all the perks of owning a Pretzelmaker franchise, with some added benefits as well.

These benefits include:

  • Unique customer base with a captive audience
  • Non-traditional locations open up more areas of growth, many times in the same market your traditional store operates in
  • Non-traditional outlets help extend your brand reach by being visible to a new customer base

Unique Customer Base

Because every non-traditional franchise is different, your Pretzelmaker store will attract a unique customer base. While traditional Pretzelmaker franchises attract a specific type of customer—mall shoppers—the non-traditional model helps make Pretzelmaker appealing to a wider variety of customers.

The targeted group of people that makes up your customer base is key to the success of non-traditional locations. Where you put your franchise directly impacts the customers you target.

These are some of the customers you will be able to attract, depending on where you place your Pretzelmaker franchise:

  • Travelers
  • Entertainment seekers
  • Commuters
  • Shoppers
  • Students

The best part of the non-traditional model is that these highly visible locations engage with customers who know the Pretzelmaker brand. That means that, in addition to connecting with new customers, your business can benefit from people who already love our brand.

New Locations = New Opportunities

When you choose your non-traditional location, there is one thing that is more important than anything else: traffic. Wherever you will find high concentrations of people can be a good location for your franchise. Maximize your business by choosing a location based on the movement surrounding it.

There is a huge variety of non-traditional opportunities, which means that your store has the potential to attract a lot of customers. You can place your non-traditional franchise in a location that sees a high volume of foot traffic—places like airports, college campuses, or entertainment venues. An additional option is to go for a place near a lot of commuter traffic and cars—community centers, convenience stores, or travel centers.

Need Some Ideas?

The following are just some of the non-traditional opportunities out there. The beauty of Pretzelmaker is that we are flexible enough to fit virtually anywhere, including many of these locations:

  • Airports
  • College campuses
  • Entertainment venues
  • Water parks
  • Boardwalks
  • Bowling alleys
  • Theme parks
  • Sporting arenas
  • Movie theaters
  • Concert venues
  • Military bases
  • Train stations
  • Transportation hubs
  • Travel destinations
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Ski resorts
  • Large office spaces
  • Office buildings
  • Convenience stores
  • Travel plazas
  • ​Big box retailers
  • Community centers

Get Started with These Location Ideas

The great thing about having your own pretzel franchise is you get to enjoy the flexibility of setting up the location of your business virtually anywhere. You have the option to open your pretzel kiosk in places like travel plazas, community centers, big-box retailers, water parks, theme parks, and sporting venues. By setting up your food kiosk franchise in these non-traditional areas, you’ll have the opportunity to attract new customers, as well as those who are familiar with our brand.

Reach out to Us for Any Inquiries

Got questions regarding our non-traditional pretzel franchise opportunity? Contact us, and we’ll have someone get back to you as soon as possible.

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