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Nontraditional Franchise Opportunities: Airport

Nontraditional franchise opportunities present virtually limitless options for enterprising business people. Opening a Pretzelmaker franchise in a nontraditional location allows you to take advantage of high numbers of people in a specific space. One of the shining stars of the nontraditional model is the airport location, where a pretzel franchise can do well.

Did You Know…

…The busiest airport in the world sees 88 million travelers walk through its gates each year?

…Travelers typically spend a minimum of 60-90 minutes on layovers?

...Airline passengers spent $553 million on food and drinks in airports just in 2012?

…39% of airports have food kiosks to feed hurrying passengers?

…The TSA recommends that travelers arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure to ensure plenty of time to go through security?

…86% of travelers eat, drink, and shop in airport terminals before flights?

…TSA liquids regulations (travelers cannot bring liquids in bottles larger than 3.5 ounces through security) has made beverage sales skyrocket in airports?

…Pretzelmaker franchises can take advantage of all of this spending by opening a pretzel franchise in an airport?

Why Airports Work

Travel can be a source of stress for many people. Getting to the airport on time, dealing with security, hustling to and from different gates and terminals, and fretting over delays or cancellations can be a lot for passengers to deal with. Because of time constraints, it is common for travelers to hurry through security, find their gates, and then spend time looking around the airport to find snacks to enjoy while they wait.

And they sure wait.

Each airport is different, but the rule of thumb is that passengers should arrive at the airport with 2 hours to get through security, find their gates, and board their planes. The big reason for this is airport security, but lines typically take a fraction of that time. That leaves customers with plenty of time to eat and shop.

Thousands of people walk through busy airports, which means that your pretzel franchise will have thousands of new impressions—and potential customers—all the time. Airport travelers are a hungry, captive audience. Some of them are in a hurry, looking for something fast and easy to eat as they rush to their gate. Others are bored, tired of waiting, and looking for something to occupy their time before takeoff. In both circumstances, Pretzelmaker’s fast, fresh, and convenient snacks are a perfect solution.

Fright Bites pretzelmaker

Choosing a Layout

How does Pretzelmaker make airport franchises work? By being flexible. We are used to adapting our buildout to fit locations all over the world, and airports are certainly no exception. Even better, our real estate team can help you find the perfect spot at your airport, then accommodate the site’s needs to build the perfect store.

Here are some of the layouts that you can use to maximize your presence and best serve hungry airline passengers:

Inline – One of the things that make airports unique among nontraditional opportunities is that they can work with similar layouts as mall food court locations. And inline layout functions well in an airport, where vendors typically share seating.

Dine In – A Pretzelmaker store with its own seating can give travelers a break from the hustle and bustle of the greater airport. Perfect for travelers who want to spend more time relaxing over a snack or premium lemonade, dine in locations also give you more flexibility with your menu.

Kiosk – Kiosks are an incredibly popular choice at more and more airports, where hurrying passengers can grab a snack and go. Even more importantly, kiosks stand out in a sea of food vendors, allowing you to more easily catch your customers’ eyes.

Pop up Kiosks – Similar to the kiosks mentioned above, popup kiosks are usually more temporary. They may appear during an extensive remodel to a terminal to still service passengers while other areas undergo construction.

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Locating your Pretzelmaker franchise in an airport is a smart way to capitalize on the high foot traffic. The sky is the limit with your franchise, so take advantage of this opportunity!

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