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The Fast Food Industry

When we think of fast food, we think of burgers and fries, but snack foods like soft pretzels are also part of this industry. This is an industry of huge growth and profit, as restaurateurs are diversifying menu options and restaurant concepts. Consumer tastes are moving away from the basic, traditional fast food option, and the industry is responding with gusto.

Quick Service Restaurant Franchises

Known in the industry as QSRs, Quick Service Restaurants are blossoming all over the nation. In 2015, revenue from QSRs was a whopping $200 billion in the United States alone, and revenue is expected to grow by 2.5% annually for the next several years.

Showing the growth of franchises

Fast Food Franchises

What do customers love about fast food? Nearly everything! The familiar menu items, the predictable surroundings, and the recognizable feeling of a chain restaurant make customers feel at home. The quick service and low prices don’t hurt either.

Because fast food makes up approximately 50% of the restaurant sector, there are a lot of opportunities to invest in this industry. Indeed, with an estimated 50 million Americans eating fast food every day, there is a lot of potential for fast food concepts that don’t fit the general mold, such as Pretzelmaker. Customers care about taste, price, and quality, three factors in which Pretzelmaker excels.

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