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Training and Support

One word can describe the Pretzelmaker philosophy: quality. We provide quality products to our customers by providing quality training and resources to our franchise owners. Pretzelmaker franchisees rave about the exceptional training and support they receive from our tried and true programs.

From start to finish, Pretzelmaker trains and supports our franchisees.

Before Your Franchise Opens

    • Attend GFG University
    • Find your location and build your store
    • Begin advertising
    • Learn what to expect when your store opens
    • Build relationships with corporate agents and other franchise owners

During Your Franchise’s Opening

    • Learn as you go with the help of a franchise business consultant
    • Receive on-site support during your first few weeks

After Your Franchise Opens

    • Receive updated systems and marketing materials from corporate
    • Foster relationships with the Pretzelmaker family
    • Never stop learning!

Our various teams work with all our franchisees through the training process and beyond to maximize each and every franchise location.

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Marketing is crucial for any business, which is why Pretzelmaker has a dedicated marketing team to assist and advise franchise owners. The marketing team creates materials that franchise owners use, updating their marketing strategies and always remaining on the cutting edge.

The marketing team is also there to help new franchise owners create pre-opening buzz around their stores. In addition, Pretzelmaker encourages all our franchisees to be involved in their communities as members of the local chambers of commerce, supporters of schools, and volunteers in nonprofit organizations.


A key benefit of working as a Pretzelmaker franchisee is the ability to use our tested and proven operational systems. Through the years, we have created an operations team that has created an ideal system and is continually updating things to keep our stores running strong.

The operations staff is on hand for any franchise owner to call. Getting help from the operations team—whether there is a problem with software or a question about a process—allows our franchisees to solve their problems quickly and efficiently so they can worry about what’s important: running their businesses.

Real Estate

Selecting the right location for a franchise can be a tricky business. There are a lot of factors to consider, and the location can have an enormous impact on impressions, traffic, and sales.

Because choosing the right location is so important, Pretzelmaker created a real estate team to assist new franchisees with this crucial task. The real estate team is committed to helping franchise owners find the ideal location to open their stores, and that help can come in a variety of ways, including:

    • Discussing opportunities and ideas
    • Providing specific, detailed criteria for a good Pretzelmaker location
    • Helping identify and narrow potential sites
    • Negotiating with landlords
    • Advising on construction and build-out
    • Explaining processes
    • Answering any questions

Having the real estate team to help with this critical process helps to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

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I love this business. One of the reasons my wife and I chose this business is because of the simplicity of the product. It’s a very simple business model. A very simple business.

Rajat Ghosh

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