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Our Customers

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious, fresh, soft pretzel? At the mall or at a baseball game, or anywhere in between, a soft pretzel from Pretzelmaker hits the spot.

Simply put, everyone is a potential Pretzelmaker customer. One advantage of owning one of our franchises is that they fit practically anywhere! We have location options that fit nearly any community or city. Our customers visit our stores at the mall, in airports, as part of community centers, inside convenience stores, at stadiums, and anywhere else that you can think of!

People LOVE a Soft Pretzel

As you start to think about investing in a Pretzelmaker franchise, you may ask yourself who your customers will be. It is important to think about who will buy your product so that you can make sure to target them in your marketing and location. Indeed, your target demographic informs your location as much as any other factor.

Like we said, everyone loves our pretzels, but there are certain groups that seem to love them a little bit more than the others.

Check out our target demographics:

    • People ages 18-34
    • Mall employees (for non-traditional stores): employees of nearby businesses
    • Groups out for shopping or errands
    • Mothers with young children

As you can see, pretzel lovers are everywhere! That’s what makes Pretzelmaker such a great franchise opportunity: we fit anywhere!

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I love this business. One of the reasons my wife and I chose this business is because of the simplicity of the product. It’s a very simple business model. A very simple business.

Rajat Ghosh

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